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 Mulan and Shang
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Chapter 4

After Ariel waved goodbye to Eric and Melody, she carefully crossed the kalye to meet up with her brother. Her sandy-colored haired brothers was holding a carton of gatas that he bought from the Deli.

"Ariel, what was going on? Who was that man you were talking to?" dapa asked.

"I was trying to save his daughter," Ariel explained.

"Really?" dapa asked.

"It's a long story," sinabi Ariel. As they walk away from the Deli, Ariel told dapa the details of the story such as saving Melody, standing up to Eric, and a hapunan with them. When she finished, dapa was amazed. That was a...
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Hella: Eh? Why?

Denaji: Because I simply cannot let you get away with what were doing, and now that you knon our plans of world domination, WE WILL HAV 2 EAT YOU!
Hella: But I didnt no about ur plan untill now.

Denaji: *Alien voice* Dont play dumb with me! Do you really think I'm that stupid?

Hella: Yes.

Denaji: Well- wait really?

Hella: Your the idiot who told me your plans of world domination. *Spaceship door opens and Anabella come out then transforms into her true alien form and gets out of the ship*

Alien 1: She is right ya know. *Whacks her* You just had to tell her our plans! I just cant...
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Yeap, recognise the music?
nagyelo (2013)
royal welcome
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The Cinema Judge - ENCHANTED
amy adams
cinema judge
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The princesses all met at Dee Dee's room to discuss about how to save their childhood friend. Sinderella introduces 6 new princesses who will be joining them, they are Genevra from Reinassance Italy, Elisabeth 'Sissi' from Austria, Breanna of Ireland, Haneul-Ui of the Korean Court, Ceres of Japan, Jasvinder of India and Catalina of Spain. They are met the Disney princesses during their world tour.
Then, Rapunzel came out with an idea, one of them will have to be a decoy to the Spirit of Despair while the others go in and rescue Dee Dee from her gloomy castle. Aurora then warns that the medallion...
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