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Why Disney's New Sinderella is the Anti-Frozen



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Wow, what an obnoxious article. I didn't know what Ms. Friedman mean by a "much-needed jolt of female agency", so I looked up "agency" on One of the comments gave an example: "Agency is the ability for a person, or agent, to act for herself or himself. A person who is not allowed to act for her/himself is lacking in agency, or is said to have been denied agency." Well, sometimes people end up in situations, through no fault of their own, where they have no agency. This sounds like victim-blaming to me.

"I fervently wanted this reboot to be big enough to marry my childhood dreams with my adult belief that women aren’t ennobled by suffering or diminished by ambition." Actually, suffering does make people stronger. Imagine two people: one has been sick off and on with various things their whole lives. One has never had a sick day in their life. Now, say Person #1 has the flu. They'd definitely be able to weather it easier. Person #2 has never been sick before, and it throws them for a loop. They don't know how to take care of themselves, they don't know what to expect. Suffering also makes people more sympathetic to others' suffering. And where in either movie is ambition demonized?

"Sure, the people of color are there, but the only two who speak at all are tertiary characters at best. It’s 2015. Does the Prince really have to be white for the story to work? Does Cinderella?" I'm sorry, I didn't realize every single movie had to have a lead who is a POC. *rolls eyes*

"As for Tremaine’s motivations, for a moment they gave me hope that the story would go in a Jane Austen direction, exploring the limited and sometimes desperate life choices facing women who are forced to depend on marriage for income and class status." Maybe they would, if they intended Lady Tremaine to be sympathetic. But she's not. She's an evil, hateful person.
"Instead it’s just a way to demonstrate how ambitious Tremaine has become, and how that unseemly ambition is the driver of her evil treatment of our heroine, who in contrast has no ambitions and is therefore purely good." Mmkay. The only ambition of hers that I remember is to give Anastasia and Drisella an era-appropriate female education (read: "accomplishments") and to further them in society. They are stupid and cold-hearted. Why is it a good thing that Lady T tries to get one of them to marry Prince Kit? Neither of them would deserve him. And here we go with the shaming of people with no "ambitions". Some people are content with where they are in their lives. I want to become a librarian. Does that mean I should eventually aim for the position of head librarian? Maybe, maybe not. I don't know if I'll be right for that particular position, even though it's higher-up and presumably pays more. Remember, some people have to stock store shelves and pick up the trash!

"More submissive than Anastasia Steele [the 50 Shades of Gray chick, though I couldn't remember who she was at first], Cinderella responds to every insult and oppression forced on her by suffering it prettily and with a song in her heart." She doesn't let their abuse drag them down to their level. How unadmirable. What a wimp. </sarcasm>

"[E]ven when locked in the attic by her stepmother, literally held prisoner in her own home, she doesn’t try to escape or even yell to the king’s men just below her in the yard. Instead she just floats about dreamily and sings. If it weren’t for some preternaturally clever mice, she’d still probably still be up there." So she calls for help to the king's men. They hear her calling, and find out she's being abused. It's the 1800s. What legal obligation would they have to help her? Also, the mice help her because she's been kind to them for all their lives.

"What’s truly galling is that we know Disney can do better. In recent years it’s reimagined classic fairy tales in groundbreaking (and lucrative) outings like Brave, Maleficent and, of course, Frozen." Oh boy. She's one of those "feminists". The "women should never depend on an ugh... man and must always be tough, aggressive, and independent of everyone else" pseudo-feminists. Misandrist and ableist.

"Kenneth Branagh, who directed this mess, is featured in a video on Disney’s site bragging, 'There’s no damsels in distress here. Cinderella’s not a pushover. She sticks up for herself.' I couldn’t possibly say what he means by that, because all the viewer sees is her parroting her mother’s dying words — “have courage and be kind” — while accepting without protest every abuse Tremaine and her daughters conceive of." Yeah, she kind of had no choice but to stay on their good side, or risk getting thrown ought into the streets. And she couldn't get a job as a maid somewhere else without references. Would Lady Tremaine give up Ella being their slave to give her references? And she did stand up for herself. I can't remember the wording exactly, but at one point, she demands of Lady T, "How can you be so cruel?"

"Only slightly more than half of all films released since 2010 have even passed the Bechdel test, a pathetically low bar requiring only that a film feature two women who talk with each other at some point about something other than a man." Not the stupid Bechdel test. Twilight is sexist and portrays abusive relationships in a positive light, but guess what? It passes the Bechdel test. Some really great movies don't pass the Bechdel test. I don't think Singin' in the Rain does, but a lot of people would call it the best movie musical ever made.

I wish Time had a comments section. This woman is ridiculous (although I wouldn't say that to her face, so to speak). One of the many reasons I like this club is an escape from viewpoints like hers. A few years ago, they used to make me feel worthless. I could almost cry, literally.
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@vintagelace; I wish there was a like button here because you sum it up perfectly. I like Frozen and never seen the new Cinderella, but good god, I'm sure this woman missed the mark on both films!
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Aww, thank you!
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Is Ms. Friedman retarded? Maybe her brain is fried, hence the last name.
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@hatelarxene; That's rude but hilarious.XD
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