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9.Sleeping Beauty: True pag-ibig conquers all.
Coming in last place is Sleeping Beauty's moral, "True pag-ibig Conquers All". While many of us agree this would be a wonderful moral, it doesn't apply to real life. In real life, true pag-ibig rarely conquers anything. Certainly in real life it wouldn't conquer something to the equivalent of Maleficent. While it's a wonderful moral that everyone wishes were true, sadly it isn't, which is understandably why it gained last place in our countdown.

"True pag-ibig can't didn't conquere Hitler, 9/11, or the Vietnam War. Actually, the madami I think about it, doesn't...
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Who is the most beautiful Disney heroine ever drawn according to Fanpop princess fans? Let's find out, shall we? This listahan does not necessarily reflect my own personal opinion but instead shows the results according to approximately forty voters per round. We'll work our way to the tuktok starting at number fifteen...

 Kida is about eighty eight hundred years old but doesn't look a araw over 22.
Kida is about eighty eight hundred years old but doesn't look a araw over 22.

15. Poor Kida. Her film was considered second-rate Disney sa pamamagitan ng most and her looks don't get much appreciation either. To her credit, Kida is one of the most unique princesses in appearance and personality....
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Since Mulan is princess of the month, here some thoughts about which bulaklak fits her the best. The movie, after all, offers some choices. The most obvious one is the magnolia, since that’s the translation of the name Mulan.

Then there is the white bulaklak Mulan wears in her hair when she meets the matchmaker – the same bulaklak she leaves behind when she goes to war. I’m not sure what kind of bulaklak that’s suppose to be. I first considered lotus (since the lotus is such a reveled bulaklak in Asia and gets often connected to the gods), but a lotus has madami petals. A white seresa blossom...
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Facts about Cinderella

1.Cinderella is the segundo Disney Princess, joining the franchise in 1950, after Snow White in 1937.

2.Cinderella is the first Disney Princess to be seen as a little girl, before Tiana in 2009 and Rapunzel in 2010.

3.Cinderella's hair color has often been the subject of pagtatalo among fans. In the original film, Cinderella's hair seems to be of a light kahel tone, classifying her as either a redhead or a ginger as her hair had been offically called 'burnt orange'. In the franchise and in the Disney parks,

4.Cinderella's hair is publicized as bright yellow, making her a golden-blonde,...
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