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 Silverrose1991 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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wavesurf picked Yes:
This movie made Disney history by having the first African American female protagonist. Whoop! However, this movie has its issues. The protagonists spend most of the movie as amphibians, and this becomes yet another Disney "animal"-like movie. The scenes on the bayou take too long to run their course. I got bored during them. The Jazz Era music was a nice change from standard Disney show tunes, but it failed to produce melodies that stuck in my mind. Finally, I wish Disney had presented a more balanced characterization of Tiana. Making Tiana a workaholic who was only concerned about her restaurant dream and nothing else, bothered me. I didn't like the fact that Disney had made their first African American princess so self-righteous and "no fun at all." This wasn't a fair presentation of my own ethnicity, and so I didn't identify with Tiana very much. It is my belief that Tiana's personality, the length of time she spent as a frog, the Voodoo element, and the somewhat convoluted plotline probably all factored into why TPATF got a lukewarm reception at the box office. TPATF is an okay movie. It's just not the movie I reach for, because it has a kind of "built-in bias of African Americans," and it is much less entertaining to me than other Disney flicks.
posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas.
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audreygrace412 picked Yes:
I appreciate the overall moral of the film but I also don't think Disney went about the best way to present it. I am not really a fan of the romance or humor in this film as I think they were very much lacking compared to the other DP films. I think the film had too many characters that had their flaws outweighing their positives, not a very attractive script to me in that way. Additionally, I personally find that the movie can just get quite boring and stagnant at times, hard to stay invested in. Furthermore, I don't think the villain (Facilier) was that scary here although there were some scenes of good imagery. For the most part though, I thought he was a bit disappointing though not the worst. That being said, I do think the soundtrack is pretty good and quite catchy and they are often what reels attention back in if you tune out of the script.
posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas.
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