Disney Princess Best Disney Prince Doll (Disney Store) Countdown! FINAL: Pick your FAVORITE. ELIMINATION BASED ON COMMENTS!

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 EmaSomolanyiova posted 10 months ago
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EmaSomolanyiova picked Aladdin:
Feel free to vote for your FAVORITE doll. The deadline is tomorrow midnight.

Since Kristoff and Flynn already left, I'm gonna vote for my third favorite- Aladdin! Even though this doll has a very simple outfit, I absolutely ADORE his face. There's just something very attractive about it.

4. Flynn
5. Phillip
6. Shang
7. Kristoff
8. Mateo
9. Beast
10. Gabe
11. Naveen
12. Prince
13. Maui
14. Charming
posted 10 months ago.
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wavesurf picked Eric:
I like Aladdin's face, and his smile, and that was half of what "sold" the movie for me. ( The other half was Robin Williams as Genie).

But I still think Eric is even more attractive/handsome in his facial features.
posted 10 months ago.
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Sparklefairy375 picked Eric:
Eric is definitely better looking.
posted 10 months ago.
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EmaSomolanyiova picked Aladdin:
Oh my gosh, people, I'm so sorry, the elimination is still based on percentage... I messed up :-(
posted 10 months ago.
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