Disney Princess Remake vs Remake Countdown Round 1: Pick the Best Cast

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Beauty and the Beast
 BB2010 posted 7 months ago
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phalangeregina picked Aladdin:
This or Cinderella was most liked in my country.
posted 7 months ago.
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BB2010 picked Sinderella:
Here's how this countdown will go:

There's different rounds (which will be listed later) and for each round you will all vote for the best of whatever round is happening

Here's the biggest rule about this countdown: This is a countdown comparing the remakes, not the remakes with the originals. Do your best to decide by treating these movies as standalone films

Here's the list of rounds:

Best Remake Cast
Best Remake Wardrobe
Best Remake Changes
Best Remake Songs (songs written for the remake)
Best Remake Special Effects
Best Remake Prince
Best Remake Side Characters
Best Remake Villain
Best Remake Singing
Best Remake Princess

posted 7 months ago.
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wavesurf picked Sinderella:
Basically, I liked all of the actors and actresses playing their roles in this film. I can't say that for the other three.
posted 7 months ago.
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BB2010 picked Sinderella:
^yeah as much as some of the characters frustrated me in this one this movie really did have a great cast. Beauty and the Beast had some good actors but they couldn have done better (especially Emma Watson), I liked the Aladdin cast but the man playing Jafar was just one big nope, Maleficent had a few good actors, the others were just trying too hard or weren't trying enough
posted 7 months ago.
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KataraLover picked Beauty and the Beast:
Perfect cast! Cinderella's casting was great too! I felt Angelina Jolie was perfect for Maleficent but everyone else could've been better casted. Aladdin has a great cast except for the actor for Jafar. SO MISCAST!
posted 7 months ago.
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Disneyotaku picked Beauty and the Beast:
Same as Kataralover.
posted 7 months ago.
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CodyVenusTrent picked Beauty and the Beast:
Next to BATB is Aladdin. Cinderella´s cast was good but I only liked 2 or 3 actors in Maleficent.
posted 7 months ago.
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deedragongirl picked Sinderella:
posted 7 months ago.
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tiffany88 picked Sinderella:
Simply perfect! Love Lady Tremain <3
Jolie also perfect as Maleficent and I'm not even a fan of her:P
posted 7 months ago.
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