Disney Princess Which is the worst? Everything turned out fine but what if it didn't.

Pick one:
Ariel for leaving her family, losing her voice and risk belonging to Ursula.
Aurora for inviting a stranger at her cottage.
Belle for just suddenly leaving Beast, it's so unsafe.
Mulan for taking her father's place, she could've died and dishonor her family.
Pocahontas for seeing an enemy multiple times and hiding it from her people.
Tiana for giving up everything for Naveen at the end.
Rapunzel for running off with a thief, who knows what could've happened?
Snow White for just going into a walang tiyak na layunin cottage and then live with 7 men.
hasmin for leaving the Palace and following a kalye rat.
Sinderella for going to the ball and not paying attention to the time.
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 dimitri_is_hot posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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