Disney Princess What do you think is Merida's type, if any?

Pick one:
Kind, dorky, and kind of odd
Charming, hates duties, and a little rude at times
Dashing, good looking, and a stereotypical knight in shining armor
Drop dead handsome, adventurous, and couldn't care less about royal duties
Rude, hotheaded, complex, a little cruel but deep down has a good puso
Smart, heroic, adventurous, and an outcast
Carefree, curious, and a thrillseeker
Responsible, cares about tradition, and is serious but has a good sense of humor
Arrogant, selfish, idiotic, lazy, and spoiled but deep down is good heated
Arrogant, carefree, kind, and humorous
 KataraLover posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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