Disney Princess Out of my paborito song from each DP movie, which one is your favorite?

Pick one:
Snow White- One Song
Snow White-One Song
Cinderella- So This Is pag- ibig
Cinderella-So This Is pag-ibig
Aurora- I Wonder
Aurora-I Wonder
Ariel- Poor Unfortunate Souls
Ariel-Poor Unfortunate Souls
Belle- Belle (Reprise)
Belle-Belle (Reprise)
Jasmine- Prince Ali
Jasmine-Prince Ali
Pocahontas- Savages (Part 2)
Pocahontas-Savages (Part 2)
Mulan- Honor To Us All
Mulan-Honor To Us All
Tiana- Down In New Orleans (Prologue)
Tiana-Down In New Orleans (Prologue)
Rapunzel- Mother Knows Best (Reprise)
Rapunzel-Mother Knows Best (Reprise)
Merida- Noble Maiden Fair
Merida-Noble Maiden Fair
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