Disney Princess Some things that bother me about the DPs - what (that you agree with) bothers you the most?

Pick one:
Snow White didn't trust her animal mga kaibigan about the hag, but she trusted the hag
Sinderella decided to hum the tune of the waltz she wasn't supposed to attend
Ariel trusted an evil sea witch to give her what she wanted
Belle wasn't considerate at all towards the townspeople
hasmin was mad at Aladdin instead of being glad he wasn't dead
Pocahontas fell in pag-ibig with a man who considered her people "savages"
Mulan planned to cheat on her test and displayed no guilt
Tiana was very cold towards Naveen
Merida cared madami about her mom's marriage stance than about her mom's health
 ace2000 posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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