Disney Princess Which would be the perfect first halik for you with your one true love?

Pick one:
His halik wakes you up from slumber, like Snow White & Prince/Aurora & Phillip
On a romantic carraige ride, like Sinderella & Charming
While dancing, like Phillip & Aurora/Belle & Beast
On a ship, like Ariel & Eric
On the beach, like Ariel & Eric
On a balcony, like Belle & Beast/Aladdin & hasmin
While on a magic carpet ride, like Aladdin & hasmin
When he's about to leave for a long journey
Secluded and secretive in the woods, like Pocahontas & John
In the middle of a bayou, like Tiana & Naveen (sorry, couldn't find a picture)
Forcefully, without knowing he is your true love!
 princesslullaby posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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