Disney Princess Which is the kastilyo you favor and would like to live in most?

Pick one:
♥ Beast and Belle's kastilyo ♥
♥ Eric and Ariel's kastilyo ♥
♥ Aladdin and Jasmine's kastilyo ♥
♥ Ariel's Father's kastilyo ♥ (you get to be a mermaid/merman here)
♥ Charming and Cinderella's kastilyo ♥
♥ Prince...Dude and Snow White's kastilyo ♥
♥ Aurora's kastilyo ♥ (Phillip lives somewhere else)
♥ Snow White's kastilyo she used to live in with the reyna ♥
 _Beach_Bliss_ posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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