Disney Princess Which of My Prettiest Rankings Do You Least Agree With?

Pick one:
1.Ariel(One of the most GORGEOUS animated females)
2.Tiana(The only time I want me some chocolate)
3.Belle(An angel in disguise)
4.Jasmine(An exotic beauty)
5.Mulan(A rare and natural beauty)
6.Cinderella(Very pretty but not beautiful, but is beautiful in the 3rd movie)
7.Rapunzel(Cutesy-Pretty with eyes that are WAY TOO BIG)
8.Aurora(Plainly pretty)
9.Snow White(Cute at best)
10.Pocahontas(Homely, with amazing hair and a great body)
 KataraLover posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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