Disney Princess I Love/Hate '...' Because '...', which one annoys you the most ?

Pick one:
'I Hate Snow White because her voice is annoying'
'I Hate Sinderella because she is such a pushover'
'I pag-ibig Aurora because she's beautiful'
'I Hate Aurora because she doesn't do anything'
'I pag-ibig Ariel because she's a mermaid'
'I Hate Ariel because she's selfish'
'I pag-ibig Belle because she reads like me'
'I Hate Belle because she's such a Mary Sue'
'I Hate hasmin because she's rude and spoiled'
'I pag-ibig hasmin because she has Aladdin'
'I pag-ibig Mulan because she can kick'
'I pag-ibig Tiana because she's African-America like me'
'I Hate Rapunzel becasuse she's such a Mary Sue'
'I pag-ibig Rapunzel because she has a magic hair'
 CuteDiana posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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