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 Different faces, different personalities
Different faces, different personalities
We all pag-ibig Disney princesses, don’t we? So Seasons are also like them, they are really different from each other and each one of them at least has a good trait. I recently developed an interest of Pagsulat artikulo on Disney princess symbolism. Thanks to the people who viewed my artikulo recently and loved them! Hope you all enjoy!
Snow white – Spring
Yes! For me the princesses in spring category are kind, resourceful, pure, obedient, self-reserved, matured and somewhat innocent. I like the Spring people. Traits or qualities tell she’s a spring person. She always likes to keep the room...
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 All larawan in this artikulo are edited sa pamamagitan ng me :)
All images in this article are edited by me :)
I realized that I've never written an artikulo with any of my listahan in this club; so I wanna start with something that I really love: Disney Princesses' Outfits! I'm a big tagahanga of Disney dresses, here's why I pag-ibig cosplayers and to cosplay so much. It's wonderful to see an animated dress in person.
Well, about my article: I included just complete outfits, for example I kept out Ariel's rags because, in my opinion, this isn't even an outfit, or Mulan's white dress she wears under her Matchmaker visit dress because they are part of the same outfit. So, I hope you'll enjoy my listahan and tell me with...
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So, I made a poll counting down the smartest disney Princess and it's time to find put who will be the smartest Disney Princess! Please keep in kind that it isn't my opinion, it's the opinion of the fanpop users. Enjoy the article! :)
Also, for some comments I had to shorten or change them.

13. Anna

 She didn't get much education, right? Especially since she was isolated for no reason and desperate for love. Nobody told her she can't judge a person so fast. - Manu962
She didn't get much education, right? Especially since she was isolated for no reason and desperate for love. Nobody told her she can't judge a person so fast. - Manu962

I figured she'd be down near the bottom, and it looks like I was right about that. Overall, a lot of people agreed that she...
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The susunod day, Ariel was in homeroom and some guy who was sitting susunod to blondie asked Ariel "Hey, is that your natural hair color?"
Ariel replied "Yeah."
"It's gorgeous." the guy replied back.
"This is Flynn or you can call him Eugene. We're dating at the mo." The blondie said.
"Hey Rapunzel, nice extensions. What's it made of?" sinabi a dude who walked past Rapunzel.
She quickly sinabi "Your mom's chest hair!!!" (Not really)
"I'm Rapunzel."
"Hi, I'm Ariel. Do you guys know where Room G is?"
Flynn took and looked at Ariel's agenda and sinabi "Health Tuesday/Thursday Room G"
"I think it's in the back building."...
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