Here's the tuktok 10 of my countdown and I have so say I'msatisfied with most of this though I would change some things. Like the other artikulo I will tell you the publics opinion and my opinion. Also all these picture were made sa pamamagitan ng me and it's all thanks to the website fotoflexer.

10.Lilo(Lilo and Stitch)
potato nose.-ipukerainbows

Voters Opinion
Unlike the other hawiian girls the voters actually find her pretty. I was surprise that she beast Tiger Lily for the tuktok 10 spot, but I'm happy she did. Even though she has a big nose people stil find her pretty. However not everyone thinks she's cute in fact one was voting for her for a long time. Her nose is too much like a potato is most likely why she was eliminated.
My Opinion
I think she's beautiful, I pag-ibig her hair is's very pretty and shiny. She has pretty eyes not the prettiest eyes in the world but still very unique. She looks like a mixture of hasmin and Pocahontas, in fact she does look very similar to both of them when she gets older on the show. I also think she's prettier than her sister, however I have to agree with the public that she's not as pretty as the girls higher than her.

9.The Mermaids(Peter Pan)
They Seem Pretty Plain.-soxfan89

Voters Opinion
They find the mga sirena gorgeous, can't say I disagree with them. Of course they're stunning with long beautiful hair, lovely eyes, and rose red lips. Looking at them you wouldn't think that they were so bad, well that just proves that sometimes beauty is only skin deep. I don't know why but some people find them kinda plain. Though most people were upset that they left.
My Opinion
I HATE THEM, not as much as Tiger Lily, I don't want to kill them but they give mga sirena a bad name. Sorry off topic, anyway I think they're GORGEOUS in fact I think they're prettier than Wendy. Unlike the mga sirena from The Little Mermaid(with the exception of Ariel) they're actually breathtaking like mga sirena are suppose to be. I pag-ibig everything about their looks and I think they should have went higher.

8.Penny(The Rescuers)
I Think She Is The Plainest Of The Disney Girls From The 70's!-soxfan98

Voters Opinion
Not sure how she got higher than the mermaids. They thought she was very pretty, thought not all that much too look at. Nobody really left very many comments so I can't say all that much about what they think of her. I guess they found her plain compared to the others. Yeah not much to say except this is why I need comments people!
My Opinion
Dispite her being kinda plain and not that special looking I think she's beautiful. I pag-ibig her eyes, her hair is cute, and she has an adorible smile. Madame Medusa doesn't know what she saying sa pamamagitan ng calling Penny homely. Has Medusa looked into a mirror lately? She's ugly and Penny is beautiful. But I guess I agree that she's not that special compared to the others.

7.Jenny(Oliver and Company)
She's looks a bit cute, but she definatly isn't as pretty as the other little girls.-LionaChoco

Voters Opinion
This ADORIBLE little girl was somewhat popular in this countdown. Some thought she was beautiful some thought pretty, and some thought she was just cute at best. Surprisingly some thought she wasn't cute at all. Nobody really nagkomento about her all that much so that's all I have to say. I guess she didn't get higher was because she's younger than the others.
My Opinion
I think she's beautiful, she's like an eight taon old version of Ariel, only Ariel would probably have longer hair. She has pretty hair, lovely eyes, and a sweet smile. Also I like that she's a redhead that dares to go against those stupid redhead rules that says they can't wear the mga kulay kulay-rosas or red. Well she manages to wear them and look beautiful, I I like all her outfits she's a simple beauty but unique. I think she should have gone one madami spot higher oh well.

6.Wendy(Peter Pan)
Wendy Isn't Too Gorgeous.-soxfan89

Voters Opinion
Most people think that's she's unbelievably gorgeous. Alot were shocked that she was eliminated and comment saying she's stunning, beautiful, breathtaking, gorgeous, ect. However surprisingly some actually found her ugly. I suppose that most found her plain compared to the others and aren't to big a tagahanga of her old fashion hair style.
My Opinion
She's beautiful but I don't find her that gorgeous in fact I think Jane, Tinkerbell, and the mga sirena are prettier than her. I might find her prettier if it wasn't for that hair style of hers. Her hair is okay but not the best but I do think she has lovely eyes. She kinda reminds me of Belle.

5.Jane(Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland)
I think all these girls are pretty. I'm going with Jane because I'm not found of her hairstyle.-VGfan30

Surprisingly and thankfully the voters find her prettier than Wendy. Many found this little girl beautiful even though she's from a sequel. Some found her kind of plain and not pretty at all. I guess they had Jane higher than Wendy because of a better hair style and the sequel had better animation then the original. However some didn't like her hair style and found her facial features plain.
My Opinion
She's beautiful I pag-ibig everything about her looks her hair, eyes, lips, nose ect. I could go on forever I'm glad she went further than Wendy she's so much prettier than her mother. If her and number four switch places this would be my tuktok five. Also she looks alot like Sinderella in Sinderella 3: A Twist In Time. However I can't tell her her hair is light brown or dirty blonde.

4.Shanti(The Jungle Book)
Shanti Wasn't Beautiful In The segundo Jungle Book.-soxfan89

Voters Opinion
Everyone found her beautiful there wasn't anybody who sinabi she was anything less than beautiful. However some found her prettier in the original than the segundo one, which I completely disagree with. She has pretty hair, beautiful eyes, cute nose, and a lovely smile. She didn't go higher just because the voters found other three were prettier than her.
My Opinion
I find her beautiful she's looks like a younger version of Jasmine. I think she looks much prettier in the segundo movie. In the segundo movie she has a better hairstyle and better clothes she's so much prettier in the segundo movie in my opinion.

3.Alice(Alice In Wonderland)
alice is just cute-pretty_angel92

Voters Opinion
They found this girl beautiful she's so beautiful that even people who don't like think she's pretty. They pag-ibig her hair, eyes, nose, smile. However some found her just pretty or cute. But nobody sinabi she was ugly at all or homely. She was so close to making it to the tuktok two but close only counts in horse shoes.
My Opinion
I find her beautiful I pag-ibig everything about her looks her hair, eyes, nose, lips, and nose. She looks like a younger version of Cinderlla only her hair is longer. She constantly has gorgeous spots threw out the movie. There's not one thing I don't like about her looks but just like the voters I find the other two prettier than her.

2.Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)
I think Melody is just prettier!-LUV_4_BIEBER

Voters Opinion
Surprisingly this underrated little beauty made it to the tuktok two and I'm very happy she did. The voters found her beautiful as well nobody sinabi she was anything less than beautiful, well mostly everyone. Well nobody left any comments about her that much but a few people found her just pretty and not beautiful.
My Opinion
I find her beautiful there's nothing I don't like about this girl's looks. She has long beautiful hair, lovely lips, a cute nose, nice lips. She reminds me alot of Aurora but for some reason she also reminds me of Rapunzel. However just like the voters I find the number one is prettier than her.

1.Melody(The Little Mermaid 2: Return To The Sea)
They both are pretty, but Melody has the beauty of both her mother and father.-Persephone713

[b]Voters Opinion

For once a sequel character won first place in something and won something good. Even though some thought she was best at best, plain, and even ugly she still managed to win. I'm not that surprised since whenever it comes to beauty and she's compared to other little girls she always wins. It's not wonder she's the daughter of Ariel and Eric. Though some people don't like her hair, though I hope they realize it's just Ariel's only black and in a pony-tail.
My Opinion
I'm so glad that she's won she's GORGEOUS! I think she's the only other fictional character that's as equally beautiful as Ariel and you all know how I feel about Ariel. I pag-ibig her eyes their like her fathers who I think out of all the disney princes has the best eyes. I also pag-ibig her hair which is just like Ariel but black hair. Her cheeks and lips are a lovely shade of pink. It figures that the most beautiful disney princess and the best looking disney prince(Well in my opinion) would have the most beautiful disney little girl. I could go on forever but my fingers would fall off from typing to much.