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This Disney litrato might contain nugat bar, tindahang aklat, bookstore, puwestong-aklat, de-latang karne, and de lata karne.

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Well, I have decided to write an artikulo featuring my current tuktok twenty classic movies. I have unusual tastes in some regards, so please don't flame me for those. My tastes in particular tend to be toward the early films made sa pamamagitan ng Disney himself. I just want to write this artikulo so I could talk about my all-time paborito classics!

#20- The soro and the Hound

A really sad and bittersweet movie that has morals about society and also how friendship can survive in the toughest conditions. Still, I don't watch it that much because it is a real tearjerker...

#19- Mulan

I like this film in...
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