Disney Disney Villain Battles Tournament 2013 - Ursula the Sea Witch vs. reyna Narissa - Who would win in a fight?

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102936 picked Ursula:
Ursula vs. Queen Narissa –
The Sea Witch appears in the form of Vanessa, Narissa in the form of the hag. Narissa tries to pawn a poisoned apple off onto Ursula, but she doesn't buy into it for a second, and starts mocking Narissa's physical appearance, prompting Narissa to transform into her true physical form, and in turn, Ursula morphs back into the Sea Witch. They trade mystical blasts back and forth, stalemating for a while. Nathaniel tries to interfere, but Ursula foists him onto Floatsam and Jetsam who drown him. Narissa decides she's had enough and pulls a real original move - she turns into a dragon!

Ursula feigns defeat and hunches over early, concealing the Tritent she had stolen within her twenty four hours of prep. The minute Narissa turns her back to gloat, Ursula utilizes the Tritent to turn Narissa into a polyp, and then nails her with a quick, silent blow that I'll bet she wishes she used on Ariel. Ursula dons Narissa's tiara and obnoxiously gloats about her physical beauty and allegedly svelt figure.

Winner: Ursula the Sea Witch
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