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I'm Spanish and according to my calculations, is likely to start arriving summer episodes of the series 7 to Spain, dubbed into Spanish. And that gives me some doubts about the dubbing and translation of new episodes.

Translation of the names of the episodes and references and jokes madami British.

Translate it or not?
In Spain, not all the names of pelikula and series are translated literally (The sound of music is in Spanish smiles and tears) so it makes me think if will be literal or not, when you translate names episodes.
In this sense, my doubts are mainly in two episodes, A town called Mercy...
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what can we do.? what can we do.? sinabi the guard i don't know sinabi the doctor arcadia has fallen we must retreat! fall back, fall back! [all the guards retreated]we will go back to the council chamber and tell them arcadia has fallen.[at the council chamber]arcadia has fallen sinabi the doctor.all those losses his head bowed,lord rassilon stood up then i call the time lords to vote the final sanction.NO! NO! you can't do this i can and will lord doctor,no then i will stop are just one, doctor. i can stop you i will take the moment with me....
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A new 13-episode series, scheduled for broadcast in 2011, was confirmed sa pamamagitan ng executive producer Piers Wenger in the March 2010 edition of Doctor Who Magazine. Filming is to start in July 2010. Matt Smith will return as the Doctor for the entire run, and Karen Gillan will also reprise her role as Amy Pond.This will be the first time in the series’ revival that both the Doctor and his companion remain unchanged from one series to the next. may-akda Neil Gaiman has written an episode for the first half of the 2011 series, and has confirmed that his story will begin filming in August 2010.

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