doktor na Most emotional moment from Series 2?

Pick one:
Rose cries over the new doctor
Song for Ten (Christmas Dinner)
Cassandra/Chip meets her past self before dying
Robert makes a sacrifice
"Make it Brighter"
k9 is replaced
The Doctor arrives too late
"Parallel world and my dad's still alive"
Ricky is Deleted
Mickey Stays Behind
The Doctor discovers Rose is faceless
"The Valiant Child who will die in battle..."
The Doctor falls into the pit
"I believe in her!"
The Doctor and Rose reunite
Rose accompanies an emotional Elton
Chloe and Her Mum sing to fight Chloe's father
"Theres a storm approaching..."
"This is the story of how i died..."
The Doctor puts a dimension hopper around Rose
Rose is stuck on the Parallel Earth
"I pag-ibig you!"
"Rose Tyler-"
The Doctor sheds a Tear
The Doctor reunited with Sarah Jane
The Doctor reunited with Sarah Jane
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