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kasanayan ng tagahanga
posted by werewolflover
Or so we think,anyway.
My grandma lives down the road from me.And she sinabi Pedro,my dog,was asleep on her porch and she heard a car go down the road.All of a sudden she heard Pedro bark and he ran down the road to where the car had gone.Then,he came back and was running around her house as if he were gaurding it.Then,he ran back down the road.
That's what my grandma told me today,and I believe it,because whenever someone comes to visit,he starts barking and sometimes even growling.I think he's a good dog,and I'm glad he's so protective of my family.
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The rottweiler is enormously powerful and muscular but has a very tranquil temperament.Its an enthusiastic worker and is very responsive to training.The breed came close to extinction in the 19th century. The Rottwiler came from a small German town called Rottweil and was used as a butcher's dog, for guarding cattle. It is one of the most popular Aso in the USA today. Mishandling gave the breed a reputation for viciousness. I believe that if you train a dog the right way you can have a really good dog. If you are thinking of getting a rottweiler study up on the breed and make sure it is the right dog for you.
mc duff special
vanilla kanin puding and sausages

you will need

* 100 gm puding rice
* 284 ml full milk
* mantikilya for greasing
* a dash of vanilla essence
* frankfurters or other sausages

how to make it

mc duffs favourite comfort food, or reward when he's been specially good, is a dish of warm kanin puding with a sausage chopped on top. Bearing in mind that normallt only tuta eat kanin puding (some breeders swear sa pamamagitan ng it) and sausages could be rather salty for Aso here's how to make it. please don't add sugar! mantikilya a small metal or pottery baking dish. put in the kanin and cover it with the milk. add vanilla (if your dog likes it!) and bake for 45-50 minutos as gas 3,160c,325f. serve with chopped sausages
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