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posted by _Lexii23_
Billy and Penny raced through the park, side sa pamamagitan ng side, trying to get out of the downpour. They got to the sidewalk and ran with all the other civilians trying to do the same. Billy motioned to Penny to turn left. They rounded the corner and sprinted towards the small gray apartment. "My home's just over here! We can wait out the rain!" He yelled to her. She nodded and smiled at him.
"Race ya!" She yelled playfully as she zoomed past him.
"Not fair!" He laughed and ran after her.

Billy fiddled with the lock on the door to his apartment. Penny, who had already been sitting on the staircase sa pamamagitan ng the time he had even gotten through the door, was now leaning against the pader watching Billy trying not to laugh.
With a loud click, the lock finally opened and he held open the door.
"Me casa es su casa!" Billy sinabi happily as Penny walked inside. It was a nice place.
"The living room's right around the corner. Make yourself comfortable. Imma go make us some hot chocolate." He sinabi cheerfully as he walked off towards the kitchen. Penny sauntered into the living room and looked around. There was a small sopa in the center of the room with a TV infront of it. A big window covered most of the right wall, and, since he was on the 5th floor, you could see the park perfectly.

Billy heated up the two mugs in the microwave and tore open 4 packets of hot kakaw mix. He always liked double the chocolate.
"Hey Billy? Where did you want me to put your hoodie?" Penny called.
"There's a amerikana hanger over sa pamamagitan ng the bookcase!" He called back as he took the mugs out and stirred in the chocolate.

Penny looked around the room then spotted the amerikana hanger. She hung the hoodie up and smoothed it out. She noticed it was all bunched up at the hood so she pulled it down slightly. The hanger came down with it and with a mechanical whir, the aparador ng mga aklat began moving slightly.
She backed up as it slid left revealing a large dark room. In the faint glow of a blue light, she could see that the room was a lab of some sort. There were all kinds of inventions cluttering the tabletops and newspapers in picture frames covered the walls. Penny turned as she heard a voice behind her.
"Hey I couldn't find any marshmallows so I put extra whip cream on-" he saw the door to his lab was open once he entered the living room. Penny was standing infront of it, staring at him with a look of confusion.
Billy set the kakaw down on the table. "Penny, I can explain.."
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Johnny Snow is played sa pamamagitan ng Jonathan from Buffy. He has an ice beam!
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  (Authors note: this story takes place before Penny died. I thought of this when I turned one of my own shirts kulay-rosas the other day! Lol! Hope you enjoy! :3 :3 )

    Dr Horrible (disguised as Billy) carried his basket of dirty clothes to the washing machine that was only three away from Penny's. He watched her as she threw the last of her clothes into the wash. She gently shut the lid and deposited several coins into the slot. The washing machine clattered to life as Penny walked to a nearby dryer and took out some clothes to fold. 
      Dr Horrible smiled and started to throw his own...
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Jessa and Freya analyzes the final scene of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.
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The lemur raced through Central Park having to push his goggles up every few seconds. "Man, this thing is heavy.." he groaned as he struggled to keep hold of the newest invention. He heard footsteps and heavy breathing behind him somewhere. 
    He stopped as he came to a brick fence. He threw his invention over the pader and struggled to climb ontop of it. The footsteps got closer just as he tripped over his tail and fell on the other side of the wall.
   Lexii was enjoying the beautiful araw and walking around the zoo. She was sa pamamagitan ng the north pader when something hard hit her in the head....
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