Here I AM!
A God's Son
He truly had no life of his own..
By Mariah Mason

The moonlight shimmered across our bloody path. The red petals that we so deeply depraved fall helplessly to his feet. To the tiny and bruised feet of the Son of God's. For his father, Anger and puso both caressed this child as if he were there own. For these God's were brother, who were in love. They were incest but incest with glee sometimes puso was. But Anger, Wrath, as they called him is not so much like his brother. It was the child that had helped Wrath's being change. The green eyes, bright on rainy days and dull on bright days, was the reason.
Each tiny toe slipped over in the sand. Along with his heel tapping back on the soft land as he sprinted as fast as his little legs could go. His mother, Oh how he missed her, would be awaiting at the other side. Her beautiful smile awaits to be seen sa pamamagitan ng him at the end. Her warmth, passionate love, and sympathy. It was the best even if she couldn't give his father what he wanted. So his tired legs leaped across from roof to roof.
The young pag-ibig of mine came across the power line, his feet creeping over that thin line. Just like his parents pag-ibig and his life. It was thin and breakable once enough negative or positive force responded against it. He truly had no life of his own.

If only I could go back in time to tell my self from two to three years ago, that I need to just enjoy having my mga kaibigan around.. then I would have never complained about my own life.. And I would understand how the clock only turns one way.. But now most of my friends' are gone. They have lives and parents who still are grounding them and keeping them from ever going online.. It's a tragedy that I live with too much..
But I know how strong they are.. And I pag-ibig them for it.. Because if it wasn't for their strength, I would be cold and in my grave.. So lets give them a round of applause for that marking..
If I could go back, I would tell myself to pag-ibig everything about me. Because when I would grow a bit older, I would see how I would stand up for myself..
You see, I was beside the substitute teacher and a girl had threatened to manuntok my face.. I told her that my face was here and that she can go for it. I've told a bunch of people they could do what they want, and I learned just how much people talk shit. It's funny, because I use to believe that people would gang up on me like the nakaraan years when I was new here. I always had that phobia. Now the only phobia I have is when I might knock the hell out of a moron and get suspended.
Sounds crazy for sweet Ria to do such a thing. ^^ I'm still sweet, but I set boundaries for certain people. I would tell myself that I don't care if your surroundings and people are "white, black, Mexican, Asian, any other race, gay or lesbian, or bi. As long as your nice to be, I'll be nice to you." I learned that from Eminem.
Although my past still haunts me at night, I know that my younger self was a bravo version of me. Because she could still look at people in the eye and tell them that she loved her mother. I can't even say hi to my own mother without wanting to lock my door and run away. I believe that main thing I would tell myself is, "You're the only one who can live through this."

Have a nice day, dearies! Thank you for pagbaba this!