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 I know the truth....
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Ok dont get me wrong I lov DXC to death and i do NOT like DXG but when i found this on devine.art i about cried...this pic is sader than shit!! so dont get me wrong this is NOT a DXG pic..it's a courtney pic that shows the really sad feeling she has.
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This Duncan and Courtney litrato might contain anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: I woke up the susunod morning with a smile on my face. That is, until I rolled over and found the kama empty. I sat up and looked at the alarm clock on the night stand. 10:30 a.m. I reached to turn on the lamp, but instead, I reached for the bright kahel sticky note on the lamp. I read it. "You're a beautiful sleeper. Haha. So sorry I couldn't stay with you this morning. I had to go to work." the note said. I got out of kama and saw a new pair of my clothes with another sticky note on them. "I ran over to your house and grabbed some clothes I thought you would look beautiful on...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Courtney's p.o.v

I woke up to the sound of my phone going off.I grabbed it and i answered it.

"Hello?" I sinabi with a sleepy voice.It was my mom she kept trying to call me to see why i didn't come tahanan last night.I told her i was fine and that i was with bridgette.

"Morning sunshine" I looked up at duncan and he was smirking.All i did was smiled and halik him."so it that a yes?"

"Is what a yes?"

"About you wearing your hooker sando today?"



"I hate you" I sinabi as i kissed him

'Ya thats what i thought"

With all the tsokolate on me i took a paliguan and i changed in the clothes i always keep here.

When i wet into the kusina duncan had flapjacks ready for me to eat.After i was done eating we watched a movie.we sorta make out through the whole movie but still

"You ready to go to the mall?"

"are you?"

"no i wanna stay here and be bored for the rest of my life"
posted by sugarsweet076
Courtney's P.O.V
I walked through the door of my new school. No Duncan no Gwen No total drama bullshit. Well not until this summer anyways.



"Im Michele? i talked to you on the phone yesterday?"

"Oh yes hi how are you?"

"Im good..Come on ill ipakita you around"

As we started walking to the first class room Michele hugged someone. once he turned around all i saw was baby blue eyes.

"Courtney this is Justin"

"Hi" I sinabi giving him a handshake.

"pressure" He sinabi halik my hand.As he did i smiled and blushed.

"Do you wanna ipakita Courtney around i sorta have some projects to finish"

"I would...
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posted by Zutarian_Lover
"Geoff , pass the black spray".Duncan said."Man,are you sure we're not gonna get caught?" DJ asked."Yeah cuz this ain't legal,Duncan". Alejandro said."We'll be OK ! Courtney's gonna pag-ibig this ishh! " Duncan smiled.

Courtney looked at her watch as she paced the floor worrily."Oh ,man ! Where is my bad boy?!"she mumbled . As she walked down the street, she saw a bunch of boys in an alley,one of them ,was Duncan."Duncan, I was so worried about you!" Courtney said,not bothering to look at the beautiful , most gorgeous picture on the wall. "Princess,did you even bother to look on the wall?" Duncan...
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posted by xXEmoBunnyxX
"Geoff , pass the black spray".Duncan said."Man,are you sure we're not gonna get caught?" DJ asked."Yeah cuz this ain't legal,Duncan". Alejandro said."We'll be OK ! Courtney's gonna pag-ibig this ishh! " Duncan smiled.

Courtney looked at her watch as she paced the floor worrily."Oh ,man ! Where is my bad boy?!"she mumbled . As she walked down the street, she saw a bunch of boys in an alley,one of them ,was Duncan."Duncan, I was so worried about you!" Courtney said,not bothering to look at the beautiful , most gorgeous picture on the wall. "Princess,did you even bother to look on the wall?" Duncan...
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Courtneys P.O.W

As I started to walk at the opposite way as he did. I only had walk a few meters when I maghasik the guys from the bar coming out of the door. “I am going to kill that girl if I see her again.” The big one sinabi covering his eye. “Yeah, I think she crushed my nuts.” The girl how hold her to the pader moaned. I knew it was only minutos till they would se me, so I turned around and started to walk as I could without running. As soon as I came without sight for them I started running. I maghasik that the guy that helped me in the bar a few meters ahead and – bless god- he hadn’t...
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: "Summer camp?! Mom, I have plans forthe summer. I'm going to Miami with Bridgette. Everything is already planned out. Summer camp would ruin everything."I said. "Oh Courtney, don't be so dramatic. I'm sure Bridgette can find someone else to go with her." my mom said. "She can't mom. I'm mga kaibigan with all her friends. I know what they're doing this summer. Kristen and Crystal are in Colorado, Amy and Noel have surf competitions, and Lucy is visiting the Great Lakes."I sinabi counting ff on my fingers. "Courtney, you're going and that's that." my mom sinabi and continued to cook. "Ugggh!"I...
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posted by xXEmoBunnyxX
Warm (Courtney and Duncan)

''It's so freaking cold out here. Where's Chris?''Gwen asked, shivering.''He probably left us out here to freeze to death''.Courtney sighed. Everyone was freezing like hell outside, everyone but Duncan.''Princess, you don't look so good, wanna share my blanket?' he asked kindly.' Sure Duncan, I owe you one''.she smiled. Duncan draped the thick blue blanket over their shoulders, smirking at Courtney.' What are you staring at?' she smiled."You, of course. You're pretty even when you're freezing to death''.he laughed.''HahaHA!'' Courtney said, sarcastically.''You know you like it, Princess''.he smiled, as he kissed her warm lips.
 Phobia Factor
Phobia Factor
posted by Author_artist14
This is a story i've been working on. It is a pag-ibig story between Duncan and Courtney though they aren't they main charters. The main charters is Kate - Courtneys two taon younger sister - and Dylan - Duncans two taon younger brother. And the the story is about them and thier poit of view.
Kate and Courtneys best friend though they grew up far apart. Kate grew up in New york with thier dad and Courtney in Missisipi with thier mom. The sister visit eachother every summer. Kate is usally "Trouble" because of her addiction to it, her ability to constantly get in to it and her attraction to it. The...
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posted by xXEmoBunnyxX
"Courtney , where am i gonna put my stuff?"Duncan asked . "Just put your crap in my freakin' closet ! Does everything have to be so complicated with you, jeez ! " she said,frustrated."Only with you ,Princess". he said."I wish Bridgette would stop texting me so much ! "she complained. "You are the best thing that's ever happened to me".Duncan said."Oh, you're so sweet"!! Courtney said. "You know, today's my birthday ,so what are you gonna do?"she asked impatiently. "Princess , you gonna pag-ibig what I'm gonna give you tonight". he smirked."Cool, I pag-ibig surprises ! " Courtney said.As Courtney walked into her room, she gazed at her ceiling,"I got the best boyfriend a girl could ask for ! " Courtney smiled, as she hugged her unan tightly.
posted by Author_artist14
uy i really want to be an may-akda (as my name says) and there is some part of a book i am writing. i'm gonna ilathala ir on my site/profile and i would pag-ibig if you could just read them. i'm gonna start to ilathala them around susunod week or maby eralyer. please giv it a shot. And comment.
There gonna be a prebiyu at first so you can get a little of what it is about.
posted by DxCfanlover
Well…this is the beginning of my story! My usual style is of horror/mystery stories…get used to it ;)

Each pamagat of each chapter is the name of the song that inspired me to make the chapter.

This case the pamagat is The bird and the worm song performed sa pamamagitan ng the group The Used (I really recommend you to listen to them!). The pamagat of the story is also based on a song, which inspired me to make the story, it's called One sa pamamagitan ng Apocalyptica (listen to them!)

Enjoy reading!


Chapter 1: The Bird and the worm

How could she breathe? How was she still there…...
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posted by xXEmoBunnyxX
''Get over him , Courtney,get the hell over him !''she sinabi , talking to herself.As she was moving towards the couch,she heard the doorbell ring, ''Who the hell could be here?'' Courtney yelled.''Hello?'' she answered.''Princess !'' Duncan yelled. ''What the hell are you doing?''she asked,as he shut the door and locked it.''I need you back,Princess.Gwen is going back with Trent and I'm stuck with no place to stay''.he cried.''Why should i care ? You broke up with me to be with her !''she shouted.''I was wrong,Princess.I broke up with you because I thought you didn't pag-ibig me like you used to''....
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: I screamed in agony as I saw my dad's corpse. I dropped to my knees and cried loudly in my hands. 

Duncan's POV: I jerked the apartment door open and bolted down the hallway toward Courtney's. I looked through the already open door. I saw Courtney wailing with her head in her hands. "Invite me in." I sinabi in a firm tone. "What?" Courtney asked. "Invite me in." I sinabi again in a harsher tone. "Come in." she sinabi through sobs. I rushed into the room and stood Courtney up off the floor. She wrapped her arms around me tight and cried on my shoulder. I held her in my arms as I continuously...
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Courtney's POV

I was sitting in court. No sign of Duncan. I knew he'd never take this seriously.

Judge: well since the husband is not present Im assuming full custody of your soon to be new born child goes to the defendant. Do you have the papers and the signature from your spouse.

Courtney: yes mam.

Judge: perfect, well if there are any objections to this divorce or reasons for the defendant to deny claims to the divorce.
(I have no idea what that means I just made it up.) please speak now.

Duncan: OBJECTION. what ever that means.

Judge: would someone remove him!

Duncan: wait I have something...
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Duncan and Courtney, have been dating for a couple of weeks now and nobody in their family knew about them. Duncan and Courtney made sure to keep their relationship on the downlow, which was very hard to do because Duncan's mga kaibigan always wanting him to hang with them and Courtney's nanny checking up on her all the time.

Our susunod scene takes place in the evening and Duncan is dropping Courtney off at her house after their date.

Duncan:*they climb up onto her balcony*well, I'll see you later Princess. I pag-ibig you.

Courtney:I pag-ibig you too Duncan*she kisses him, but it soon turns into a heated make...
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Duncan POV

I cant beleive what happend last night. it was i cant exsplan but it was good. Courtney is in the bathroom she semend mad a me.

Courtney are you ok sinabi Duncan

yeah sinabi Courtney

in the bathroom Courtneys POV

I wonder if Duncan used protection if he didnt our parents will ne right about duncan.

are you coming out soon asked duncan

yeah ill be out in 5 min sinabi courtney

5 min later

courtney comes into the room dressed

so i have to go get my cheek sinabi duncan

ok im going to go call Bridgette ok sinabi courtney

ok ill be back in a houer or so sinabi duncan

ok she gave him a huge and a kiss

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Duncan's P.O.V
I can't believe I, Duncan Caliver, to petsa Courtney. I'm Really exited.
No one's P.O.V
"DUNCAN" His father shouted,"where do you think your going?" Duncan knew his parents wouldn't let him go if he told the truth. "To see a friend, I'm going to a party." Then Duncan mumbled, Stupid uptight brat won't bring Alcohol" He made sure it was just loud enough for his dad to hear. "Fine, but be back sa pamamagitan ng 10, Got it?" "Whatever" Duncan sinabi nonchalantly.

Court's P.O.V
UH, why am i fussing over my hair and outfit? ITS DUNCAN! When i told my parents I was going on a petsa they were madami than happy...
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uy guys! it's been a while, i hope you like this story! :) it's based off of the movie "Unaccompanied Minors" but not exactly the same, just the main idea :)

I can't Believe I have to spend pasko at my mom's. My name is Duncan Rivers, and me and my sister Gwen have to go to our mom's house because our parents are divorced. Apparently my dad thought my mom was cheating on him with the Gardener, which in reality was true. My mom told me that surprisingly.

I'm pretty sure it was my fault though, my dad thinks i'm the biggest...
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posted by milorox18
"You're not my type." She sinabi firmly and walked away.

Yeah, like I was going to let that happen. I know she wants me, and I'll prove it.

"We'll just see about that, Princess," I muttered darkly "We'll just see."

That night I snuck into the girls cabin and estola all of Courtney's clothes. When I got to her bras and salawal I was expecting to see granny panties and a sports bra. That's definitly not what I got. I pulled out a black lacy bra and a matching thong.

"Ooh, Princess has a wild side." I said, asmusment clear in my voice.

I pulled out a nice, lacy green, peice of lingerie. "Oh ho, Princess,...
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