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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

posted by DxCisCute
Courtney:Ha the last test and then summer! Duncan:Thats what I'm saying. Gwen:I agree with Duncan. Duncan:O...K? Courtney:What are you doing after school? Duncan:Nothing you. Courtney:I'm staying at my house would you like to come watch a movie or something. Duncan:Sure. Gwen:Me too I'll come too! Courtney:O...k? *At Courtneys house.* Courtney:What movie would you like to watch? Duncan:What kinda pelikula do you have? Courtney:Mostly scary ones I have The Stepfather. Duncan:Cool I always wanted to see that. Gwen:Me too! *An oras into the movie and Gwen is sitting in the middle of them* Gwen:I...
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posted by FIREdancer
Thanx everyone i pag-ibig ya not in a romantic way but thanx anyways i concider ya as friends!
__________________________________________________Duncan's P.O.V

I told courtney to wear somthing real smexy ,she just gave me an naughty grin and siad "how smexy?"and i answerd with "100%"i gave a wink to her she just siad to sit on the kama and smiled.

she went to the restroom and came out with an black mini secuent puso sleeveless dress with
dimond boots.she then siad with a smile "is this
sexy?"i siad "hmmmm let me pick ya?"she siad "ok."

i went into her closet and picked black background kulay-rosas pockadot...
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(at courtneys house)

Its almost chistmas-courtney
your gonna pag-ibig what i got you-duncan
duncan i'll pag-ibig it just because it came from you-courtney
do you want to do somthing special 4 chistmas-duncan
well whens the chistmas party-bridgete
its at my house at 6:30-geoff
ooh what a kick-gwen
can i feel-trent
woohoo i pag-ibig chritmas-owen
izzy loves the holidays-izzy
i cant wait-katie
me neither-dj
(at the pasko party)
does everybody have there presents-bridgete
dayami IDIOTS-heather
who invited the grinch?-duncan
oh haha-heather
me and noah just got hitched in vegas-heather
just leave-bridgete
fine see you idiots l8r-heather
dayami were are the presents?-owen
i bet it was heather-duncan
i'll take care of it-duncan

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posted by sugarsweet076
I started walking school in thw winter with my nose turning blue and almost froze.I was trying to keep my body heat so i wouldnt be a cold person i guess.

"Hey beauitful" i got pulled into arms and got so warmed.

"Hey trent" He tried leting go."Keep hugging me your warm!"

"Ok beauitful can we just keep walking?"

"Yea sure" he had his arms around me.I was so warm in trents arms.hes always warm.

"So courtney what did you do this weekend"

"You know what i did you came over and we ddint homework"

" Oh thats right"

" Yea" I let him go as we walked in our school"He had his arm around my waist as we were...
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posted by Miss_Got_Swagga
ALrite this is my first song fic so dnt start putting me on blast if its bad. The song is Mad sa pamamagitan ng Neyo(one of my faves #2 nxt to Find ur love) any wayyyys i was getting my hair did when someone turned up the radio in the salon and im like wait ive heard this song before and wait a minuto this is mad sa pamamagitan ng neyo i pag-ibig this song so then im thinkin y dnt i use this so damn here it is.
SQE Swagg Qween Enterprises

Duncan's POV

"You know what! Why can't you leave my stuff alone!"
I stand up.

Courtney yells back,"No!...
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courtney pov

there was a new woman come abored that ship later in the araw hername was elizibeth brown but we all called her izzy and history would soon call her the unsickable izzy brown mother called her new money but as fun and comforting she was i still couldn't shake the feeling that my whole life was planned out like this partys and galas mindless chatter for the rest of my life and there was nothing i could do to stop it so i ran i didnt care who i bumped into izzy,gwen the maid,lulu and jordan who do the hapunan survice sarah who made the beds not even mother and i kept running untill...
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my pov:
sorry it took long well here it is..

courtneys pov.

Me and duncan where talken about walang tiyak na layunin things...we where actely getting along it was a bit weird,and then duncan did somethng that realy ticked me off...he grabed my asno when i wasent looking .. my eyes went wide,and i said,
DUNCAN!!! you just ruined a good momment.
Realy...i thought i made it better,said duncan with a smirk.
No you dident now get out of here!,i scremed.
Courtney,wait im sorry can i please stay,said duncan.
weeellll?,i said
Come on court,baged duncan.
fine,i agreed.
well lets talk about...oh whats your fav song?,ask duncan.
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