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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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I woke up in kama and felt a cool cloth on my forehead. I gingerly lifted it off my face and greedily drank the cup of water that was beside my bed.

“Courtney, you okay?”

I held my breath until I saw that it was Bridget walking through the door. I exhaled, and sat up.

“Is Duncan tahanan yet?” I asked nervously.

She shook her head no. I sat up and hugged my knees to my chest.

“Bridgette, what am I going to do? How am I going to tell Duncan?”

She came and rubbed my shoulders as the waterworks came down.

“Courtney, Duncan’s not that heartless. Sure, he might be upset at first, but after he...
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I ran out after that disaster. Mark better be glad he got revenge.

I could just STRANGLE him! I guess he got revenge. I am NEVER babysitting Mark again.

I passed the music shop. They always played music in the store. A lot of the time, I would go in there and listen to the music while I was working on homework or studying.

Since I didn't want to go tahanan yet, I went in. The ending of the song 'All Around Me' sa pamamagitan ng Flyleaf was playing. I liked that song. Then, after that, the song 'When You're Gone' sa pamamagitan ng Avril Lavigne played. I loved that song. Once it came on, I realized how much it related to me....
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 how they woke up except their eyes are closed, well courtney's are :P
how they woke up except their eyes are closed, well courtney's are :P
Duncan's POV:
That night we talked and talked and talked forever it seemed like. And when we woke up i was laying in the grass, it wasn't even dawn yet, i checked the time on my ipod and it sinabi 3:21 A.M. And it was tooo perfect, it happened again! She fell asleep cuddling up to me, it was so sweet, if i wanted to i could've told her i loved her, but that would've meant waking her up. I didn't want to, she looked so pretty, the lights of the eiffel tower shining on her beautiful hair, then i saw her onyx eyes open and look straight into my eyes. "Mornin Princess!"

"Duncan? Really? AGAIN?" excapt...
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Courtney's Point of View:

After I went into that possion Duncan slowly walked towards me and sinabi "are you ok?" he sounded very worried. I sinabi in pain "I think I just had a contraction" and he sinabi quickly and worried "ok then let's get into the hospital" and I sinabi still in pain "no" he was shocked then I continued "I'm not having this baby until we settle this once and for all" and he sinabi worried "is this really the time for detours" I had another contraction and sinabi with widdened eyes "aaahhh" and he sinabi quickly "ok ok um... I know you may not believe me but I know hat nothing happened...
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This is amazing I own nothing
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I wish Duncan would realize this soon. Not mine.
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4 months later

Duncan P.O.V.

Me and Courtney have been dating for at least 4 months and nobody knows a thing,exept my friends,Courtney's friends,and her mother.Today was my birthday!!!AWESOME!!!

I saw Courtney come sa pamamagitan ng me,she had a huge smile on her face.

Courtney:Happy birthday Dunky!!!
Courtney:What? I like Dunky! it fits you!

Suddenly Courtney's face turned into terror.She hid under a palumpong or something.

Duncan:Were not playing hide and seek Princess!

I looked up and saw the heaven counsil,no wonder she was hiding.He left.

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Gwen-duncan come out we gotta tell u somthing Duncan-i don't wanna Cody-come on dude ur pagganap like a slug Duncan-then im a slug a dirty selfish slug Gwen-ok thats it come out she then puts out her wand Gwen- flow out dance out duncan then comes flying out of his room Duncan=not cool dude not cool

Gwen-we've got some news for u Duncan-what? Cody-we saw ur girlfriend and the mummy and werewolf u could win her back now Duncan-like i care Cody-(sigh) some r evil some r kind but now all must speak there mind Duncan-really im so happy i could win her back uh oh truth spell Gwen-get dress and lets...
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Bridgette-Gwen that was not cool Duncan-Bridgette?... Bridgette get me out of this thing Bridgette-yeah but ho-oh a button she then pushes it and helps duncan out of the glass scene Bridgette-wheres courtney?!? Duncan-well we were making out till she wanted to get out of there in a hurry i tried to calm her down but we kept arguing then she saw a button and push it and she went out but locked me in Bridgette-wait coudn't u push that button that was inside Duncan-forgot

to mention that the button can only go in and out Bridgette-oh...continue Duncan-well then the werewolf appeared and starded...
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Courtney's POV: I smiled at myself in the mirror. I was having a perfect day. It was my wedding day, I looked gorgeous, and I was still sad. I dried my face some more. My face was all red because I had been crying. I missed Duncan. I wanted him to be the man I was marrying, not Justin. I do pag-ibig Justin, but I'm in pag-ibig with Duncan. All of a sudden I heard the music come on that signaled me to walk down the isle. I wish Duncan would come through the door and say "Don't go I pag-ibig you and I want to marry you." I was so stupid to tell him that I hated him. He just made me so mad. I wish I would've...
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Hiya! My sis is being a brat so I can't use the computer as much :( I really hate my sis! Name's of D+C kids (I KNOW we all forget} are Lauren, Clarie, Dani, and Jacob! (srry if I messed up at the names at any point!
Lauren's P.O.V
The infamous couple of Duncan and Courtney we're about to halik in the ipakita when my mom came in and yelled! She sinabi "YOU GUY'S SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN THAT CABINET! I expected this out of Lauren and Clarie But Dani! Jacob! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? WE TRUSTED YOU!" Then my dad cam in and HE started yelling at us! I don't know...
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Courtney's POV

I finaly arrived in England! The plane slowed down until it did'nt move. All the passengers got out, and walked up to the conveyor to get their luggage.


The Stewadess's POV

Finaly all te passegers left, maybe there would be a short break for me and the rest of the crew.

I sudenly heard a tiny voice say:

"Mum, are we going to fly with this plane?"

"Yes honey, and it's gonna fly, just in a minute! Are you excidet that we're goin to Japan?"

"Very! I can't wait!"

I shut up my eyes and thought:

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