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 No Courtney!!NO With Alejandro!!!!=0
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This Duncan and Courtney litrato contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon.

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 edited pic!!!!
edited pic!!!!
(AN:I included the Preview)

I walked into the store and he was staring into my eyes. It was fate. "Duncan!" I shouted, though he didn't hear me, he rolled his eyes.I could barely recognize him without his mohawk. He muttered "pas un autre tagahanga obsédé." (not another obsessed fan) I put my hand on my hip, held the other out and sinabi "me manquer?" (miss me?) He scowled and turned, then he smiled and exclaimed "princess!" I sauntered over and sinabi "I wished you wouldn't calling me that." He turn away and sinabi "I thought a blond wig would be the perfect disguise." "From what?" I giggled. "groupies...
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Well, hi thurr :D i'm actually Pagsulat again...woah.....O_O
So, guys...here's another Swifty Taylor one for ya! :D


"Just listen to me, Princess! I didn't mean that shit I did! I really pag-ibig you, damn it!"

"Then why did you do this to me, again!?"

"Because, Courtney, I'm a stupid asshole who will never deserve you!"

"You got that right. And if you really knew me you'd know that I don't tolerate this from
anyone. Especially a segundo time!"

The memory haunted me as I was parking to go to a party with my good friend.

"You're sure you wanna come?" Bridgette asked her as I got out of my...
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30 ways you know you are obsessed with Courtney and Duncan

30. You have at some point squealed when something Courtney or Duncan related has happened

29. You make up pointless fluffy moments with Courtney and Duncan in your head

28. You laugh at Courtney and Duncan moments at walang tiyak na layunin times of the day, then you get weird looks from mga kaibigan or family

27. When you listen to music you start to make up Courtney and Duncan video clips

26. "Basic Straining" was your favourite episode in TDI and "Ocean's eight-or nine" was your favourite in TDA

25. In school now you act really really good, or really really...
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part 2 oh i forgot to ssay don't think i am just picking on you guys this is on the DxG and TDI fansite to haha yes i know this video has Trent in it a little i kind of don't know why
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