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 A night alone in first class O_0
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walang tiyak na layunin
bad boy
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courtneys pov
the wedding was in a week so we had to do everthing as planeed we wanted it to be special so the girls helped m=e out

6 days later
duncans pov all the guys were at Geoff house
d all the girls were at Courtney house cause the bride cant see the man before the wedding we were all trying to do guy stuff for the day

courtneys pov
well ok truth or dare Bridgette um truth ok are u in pag-ibig with Geoff of course I am she replied ok court truth or dare um dare--- ok I dare u to call Duncan and tell him the weddings off ok
I called Duncan and said...
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That night Duncan and i just snuggled on the couch,

one buwan later
we walked into school with me on his back.christmas break is almost here only two madami days until the break.Today and tomorrow.When we made it into the school michele came over.


"I pag-ibig him and he loves me too" he let me go.he gave me a halik then left.

"...im lost,,,,,,you hate him"

"No i never did...just pissed off"

"Oh there is a difference"

"Yea.....where did he go..i wanna leave"

"Princess im right here"

"Oh do you wanna leave?"

"Yea i dont wanna stay here..i wanna go tahanan and go make out" He sinabi pulling me...
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The rest fo the araw we watched total drama. I hated very minuto of it but the whole seasons came on.even the one where gwen and duncan kissed. When he reliezed he had made me cry he had left the room.For what for i have no idea.

Yea it is weird to have him as a friend. Without gwen in the picture its easier to hang with him. No halik or making out but i would like to just halik him one madami time.I was happy when we were dating.

When duncan didnt come back for 20 minutos i went looking for him. When i passed tori's room i could here him in there.

"I really do miss you.I pag-ibig you when i did that...
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courtneys p.o.v
every body on td return to the island for a new season Courtney arrived and saw Bridgette she ran to her and they hugged Bridgette sinabi so wat happened with u and Duncan this summer I sinabi oh
-flashback- uh u have no manners Duncan u in mature child Duncan sinabi like u aren't bossy ur almost like heather how could u compare me to heather Duncan replied cause that's who ur pagganap like I responded how could u were thru with this relationship sinabi Duncan -end of flashback- Bridgette sinabi o sorry about that its cool isaid

duncans p.o.v
I arrived at the island and saw Courtney and Bridgette...
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 Bridgette's room( tuktok left) Duncan's room(top right), Gwen's room(middle left), Geoff's room(middle right), Trent's room(bottom left), Courtney's room(bottom right)
Bridgette's room( top left) Duncan's room(top right), Gwen's room(middle left), Geoff's room(middle right), Trent's room(bottom left), Courtney's room(bottom right)
Courtney's POV: Really? Me craving attention? I'm just trying to tell him that she's just throwing another tantrum. Gwen's attention tantrums are nothing new to the people in this house. Duncan says that Gwen is different. No shit, we're all different from one another I don't know what makes her so special to Duncan. She treats him like shit and he still loves her. Ever since Gwen got here, we've had beef over nothing. She thinks that just because she has the ability to control apoy and shoot it from her body, she runs the whole house. I wish she wasn't so stubborn. I wish that she didn't have...
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after we got the kids we went to the park.This was our escape.after the kids were playing on the swings duncan turned to me. he kissed my cheek then took my hands

"Princess i got to talk to you about something"

"Ok.." I sinabi with the biggest smile on my face.

"I got a call earlier..and my grandma is very sick...she wants me to come visit her for two

"b-But Mckayla party. After luke plans the party
and we have the party i thought Mckayla and
jake can spend the night"

"I know babe but my grandma..and since
luke won't let you since he thinks you guys
are still together then Jake has to come...
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posted by sugarsweet076
I woke up with the sun in my eyes.

"Good morning beautiful"

"Good morning" I sinabi with a smile on my face.He kissed my forehead and got out of bed.

"Mommy!" Mckayla jumped on me then started trying to cuddle.

"Good morning mckayla"

"Good morning mommy" She sinabi halik my head and getting pick up from Luke

"come on mommy school is today come on come on" Mckayla yelled.She walked out of the room and went to try to get dressed.

"Come on beauitful you know our dautgher isn't going to wait so get your butt up."

"we have a few minutos right?" I looked at his lips.

"I guess we do" we Started halik when.....
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Duncan's POV: I layed on my kama listening to my iPod as I saw feet ilipat around outside the door. I heard a lot of yelling through my headphones, so I pulled them out of my ears and rolled out of bed. I opened the door as I saw Gwen and Bridgette yelling at each other.
"Why do you have to be such a hot-head?!" Bridgette yelled to Gwen.
"Um, hello! apoy runs through my veins! Of course I'm hot- headed! All you do is play with fucking water all day! Trust me sweetie, you don't want to mess with fire." Gwen sinabi then stormed outside leaving a trail of smoking footprints.
Bridgette looked down to...
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Gwen's Story:
Before Gwen got here, she worked in a coffe tindahan called, 'Java Lava'. Gwen worked there for about 3 months. All of the employees liked her and she made the best coffee. One day, Gwen was dealing with a picky costumer. The costumer ordered some outrageous coffee and Gwen was getting frustrated. She eventually got mad and her blood started to boil, literally. she gave the costumer black coffee with a black handprint on the side. the lady grew angry and threw the hot coffee onto Gwen as apoy covered Gwen's arms. Gwen screamed in anger and fear as she begged for help. Gwen eventually...
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So... you've guys been wondering where I was for 2 or a Year. Well, I was busy, School, Facebook, ending my Total Drama fanatic (I'll still do this for you guys) but today is my last day, because I'll be busy with school. So enjoy!

Duncan and Courtney: *caring DJ and Heather*
Courtney: Fuck her feet are big!
Duncan: You know what they say...the bigger they are..the larger they get.
** in the room **
Courtney: *putting sperm in Heather*
Duncan: *sees Josh escaping* Um, I'm going to leave fr a little bit...
Courtney: *happy cries*
** meanwhile in the basement **
Harold: *dreaming when Duncan screams*...
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"So grab your stuff and head on to the cabins, you got half an oras and go!"Chris shouts and a toro horn goes off.

In their cabin, the girl villains set up the sleeping arrangements. "Ok I can't stand man lady over here so I'm sleeping wherever its away from her."Anne Maria stated. Jo just rolls her eyes. "Whatever helmet hair, I'm sitting on the bottom bunk over here. "Jo stated and dropped her bag on the bed.
"Hey! Bags off my bunk I call it!"Eva shouted stepping in Jo's face. "They you should've thought fast and called it! But since you're too slow, I got it"Jo stated with a smirk. Eva growled...
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Duncan and Courtney were in high school and it was the last araw of school.

Courtney: uy dunky!
Duncan: uy princess
Courtney: i heard that your band was gonna play at the end of the taon fling
Duncan: ya it's gonna be a surprise for you
Courtney: aww! you are so sweet

At the end of the taon fling all of the students had to wear something fancy so they can not just wear they're casual clothes.

Courtney was wearing a green dress up to her knee and a beutiful kuwintas and high heel shoes that are the bomb!
Duncan is just wearing a casual tux with a kwelyo that was still black.and he also changed his...
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Yea so I went ahead and deleted the original chapter because they did get married to soon, I need to make this story more, you know, duncan and courtney style, for all you fans who wanted dxc to get married, don't worry, the story will get so much better.


Two days after the party, Courtney and Duncan didn't see each other that much, though they were very eager to. Courtney hardly talked to anyone, all she did was stay in her room, figuring out a way to see Duncan again. She also thought to herself about how she had fallen for a Montegue, her pag-ibig sprung from her only hate....
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Hi, guys!!! Well, this is another story that i hope will not be as long as the first one i wrote... I know i havent write in like ages but i hope it wont happen again:D

Courntey´s Pov
I was still sleeping when my cellphone started ringing. I woke up and took the stupid cellphone... It was 2 am and it was saturday!! Who the hell was calling at that hour?!! My anger dissapeared when i saw the number. It was a 911, which ment that was time to get to work as fast as i could.

The sky was dark and so were the streets. The city was still sleeping, and i was so tired... Sometimes i wondered if working...
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Courtney: maybe...*smile*
Leshawna:and you are couple since...
Heather: is obvious "star - wannabe" yesterday!
you heard him, didn't you?
Heather:didn't you want to know?
Izzy: yes! you wanted to know it! can I use the medieval torture for make them talk?
Leshawna:no,no, but what did you both did last night?
Izzy: em...I think they...
She whispered something to Courtney
Courtney: no we didn't!
Duncan: tell me!
Courtney whispered to Duncan
Duncan: but we almost did that! so halik you all over your body doesn't count?
Leshawna:WTF! you two did...
Heather: yes they did!
Bridgette screamed
That's all c- you susunod chapter!
I'm still hating school 7.7
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I like It


We were at a party at a popular nightclub, which Chris had organized to celebrate the third season called Total Drama World Tour, was a success.

I was surrounded sa pamamagitan ng girls who were dying for me, but there was a special eyes could not get, she had used to win the immunity challenge of the segundo season, but I also won something else .... My heart.

There was one problem, the geek of her boyfriend, I like everyone knew that he did not deserve her, but she was hopelessly in pag-ibig with him. Not left alone for a moment and knew that if he tried a ilipat would end in the hospital...
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Courtney's POV:I walked out into the parking lot again to look for the man that made me not speak.I tried to call out,but,out came a loud howl.I tried to speak again but the howl came out again.A nurse ran out of the hospital and up to me."Your mom wanted me to give this to you.I'm so sorry."she said.I took the letter and nodded to her to say thank you.She walked back in the hospital as I opened the letter.

"Dear Courtney,I wish I could've told you this earlier in my life,but,you are werewolf.I know you don't understand this but you will.I don't know if you have already experienced the reactions...
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