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posted by sugarsweet076
 Josh, Michele, Courtney, kayla, shannon......Duncan
Josh, Michele, Courtney, kayla, shannon......Duncan
After we all went to my house me and shannon started talking about how she likes this boy named josh. He goes to our school. hes cute too.

"We talk sometimes but not as much as we used too" shannon said.


"Courtney whats wrong?"

"Nothing i promise"

"are you sure" she asked concerned

"Yea i promise"

She grabbed the papkorn we just made and made our way to my room.

we watched chick flicks and cried together. this was a normal araw for us during school. after they all left i sat near my window and just let one tear drop.

i did miss him like crazy. I would pag-ibig the way he would halik me then tell...
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posted by SkaterGurl13
Courtney's POV: I packed the rest of the small things in my room into the last box. I closed the lid and looked around my room. It was empty except for the heavy furniture such as my dresser, desk, kama and TV set. "Courtney! Bring down the rest of your stuff! The movers are here!" my dad yelled from downstairs. We're moving again. This time, to New York. I'm only leaving one true friend behind so I won't have much to be sad about. I walked downstairs with the box as the bug mover men walked past me up to my room. Ever since my mom died, my dad can't seem to stay in one place for too long. I...
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IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan's pov

It was Justin, it's like he gets up in the mornings to make my life hell. Also, he thinks my name is towel boy. Anyway that's not the shocking part; with him was Courtney, Hot Courtney from last night. I am completely sure that she was not here yesterday, at least not on my shift. I would definitely have noticed that body walking around.
Okay, here she comes. Damn she's gorgeous.
"Hi,"she said, she looks up from her bag, "Oh, I know you, you're Duncan, right?" I sort of zoned out as I looked into her onyx eyes.
"Oh yeah,"I said, "Here's your...
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were're talking a break from dxc p.o.v's today

Heather's p.o.v

finally my p.o.v no madami duncan and courtney shit

i woke up to find courtney kicking me,that bitch

me: what are you doing??

courtney: waking you up, duh.

we're in the first class room in the tdwt jet the boys aren't there.

courtney: we're here, now get up

me:was i the only one sleep???

courtney: no we all sorta woke up at different times, we left you alone 'cause we needed a brake from you and i was really kicking you for the fun of it.

*everyone walked out of the airplane*

gwen: iiiitttsss fffrrreezziinnggg

chris: thats cause we're in the...
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Duncan's p.o.v

Chris: In this challege you will have to avoide been captured sa pamamagitan ng the monster and-

Heather: You could've just sinabi that its the same challege as the first challege in total drama action.

Chris: Yah well I like to explain things no one will be voted off today, this is just a fun challege.

Justin: Really????

Chris: No last one standing wins its everyone for themelves today so everyone's up for the vote exect for who ever wins the challege.

Courtney: Easy.

Harlod: No its not, you don't know what its like.

Courtney: If I can handle elephants, loins, tigers, snakes, crocadiles, camels, alpacas,...
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posted by sugarsweet076
Trent took me to red lostber and bought everything! It was amazing! When we were talking he grabbed my hand and kissed it.then he sinabi he wanted to ask me something.He started sa pamamagitan ng saying

"I like you alot and i wanted to know if...." Then he got bothered sa pamamagitan ng duncan. Duncan sat down sa pamamagitan ng me and started eating our pagkain and everything else.

Right now im on duncans motorcyle hes driving me tahanan because trent left mad.God i hate him!

"So princess what are you doing for the rest of the night?"

"Im going tahanan and im going to sleep!" i sinabi hitting him in the head.

"Princess we need to talk.....about us"

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posted by IloveDxC
Total Drama Revenge of the Island is coming out in 2012. V. Soon. Some of the old contestants would make appearances (fingers crossed). See there is still hope, no point in giving up in the 1st place. Hopefully they might invite all the old contestants in the last episode.

They are also making a Season 5 which would have the old contestants and the new contestants. I don't know when that one is coming out, but I'm really happy that there is a chance DxC might be back together. Again.

It is sinabi in a deleted video that Duncan + Courtney were kissing. But I missed it. This video was supposed 2 be in either season 4 or 5. I'm not sure. But I'm very happy though.

Post your opinion in comments.
posted by crystalpotato
After my world got turned upside down Jason hitting me and Duncan being the good guy my mind kinda exploded. I been hanging around Duncan Alot mainly for protection and Duncan deserved to be with his babys mother. Unfourtunetly Jason dosen't know about that part. I'm starting to get a tummy. So I've been lying to Jason madami freqeuntly saying I've been putting on weight and promisiesing him I'd get rid of it after or before our wedding. That's when my baby was due.
Poor Duncan after I got married and left the series he might never see his baby again. Stupid T.V. i wish i didnt meet that wonderful...
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posted by M169
In this Fanfic, TDI, TDA, and TDWT never happened
Boy Meets Girl
You we're my dream my world
But I, was blind
You Cheated on me from behind
Courtney's P.O.V
I walked into my house, tahanan from work early. "Dunacn?" I called out. I walked into my liveing room to see my boyfriend -whom I loved greatly- to be making out with a whore...or just that goth chick..."GWEN! HOW COULD YOU?" I shoouted at her and Duncan." "He...he told me you guys broke up...yesterday and he hasn't moved out yet..." Gwen stated sadly. I cried and Ran upstairs to my bedroom.
So on my own,
I feel so all alone
though I know, it's...
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posted by fly210
this is not my song! GOT IT!

"Mister Cole! I see you have failed anouther spanish test! you know what our deal was!" "Yes." I grumbled to my teacher ms. Hersh. "Well then," She sinabi turning to miss princess courtney Lopez. "It seems you have gotten anouther 100 on your test miss Lopez. Hmmmmmmm... I need you to teach him," Ms. Hersh pointed at me ,"spanish. Maybe with your smart mind he will get a c at least on his susunod test." Courtney nodded and glared at me.
Courtney and I had been like oil and water since we first met in pre K. Courtney built the block...
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posted by cb0104
Duncans P.O.V.

I was so giddy. I was getting married, but for some reason i felt guilt in the pit of my stomach. Could it be that i made courtney's life hel? I knew i had to do something. So i did unthinkable i helped courtney.


Carlas P.O.V.

I was miserable. I was sitting on my kama at the foster home, and aaron was crying in the corner of the room. last night we were told our mom was arrested. how could life be madami horrible? " Carla! Aaron! theres someone here to adopt you," ms persilla...
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"have any idea where we should look first?" duncan asked athena. " well metis is the godess of prudence so where do prudence things go?" athena asked. " i dont even know what prudence is," duncan said.

All of a sudden a palumpong shaked. "what was that,"duncan asked. " its probably hermes god of travels and mischeif trying to scare us," athena sinabi "hermes get out here."

Then a 10 foot madala with razor teeth came out from behind the bush. " BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" duncan screamed. " why are you standing there for? shoot him or something!!!!" athena screamed . "sorry no arrows," duncan said." youre...
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posted by libra2000
Duncan sat peacefully in first class while every one else was asleep. Tyler had just spilled the news to everyone that he had saw gwen and him kissing. Sure he would have been angry and probably would have punched the lights out of the guy sa pamamagitan ng now but now that he thought about it, him and courtney never really got along. Plus she was always so uptight and never knew when to just relax and just chill. In a way he had to thank the loser, it was the only easy way he could break it off with out facing Courtney. Don't get me wrong, he wasn't afraid of her but he hated to see girls' cry, uptight or...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:"Thank you for finaly getting something to eat Hunter."I sinabi to my brother."It`s my job."he said.I looked up at the sky and saw that it was night.This araw could not get any better.The Bampira come out around this time if they haven`t already.I smelled humans coming as well as my brothers did.I ran out into the forest and got into a puno not knowing where my brothers were.I looked down and saw Bampira running about.They are so annoying.Why don`t they just burn to ash already?Vampires and my kind are different and we have hated each other since there were any Bampira or shifters.I...
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Hiya people outthere infront of your computers! Little info before i start! Even thought it was yesterday, i dedicate this story to TDItwin because of her birthday yesterday! Okay, i know, not the best place to post this, so i'll just start now.

Oh, and ONE madami sentence of info! Actualy pretty important one. . . Oh, well, as i sinabi a couple of days ago, the end would be soon, and actualy, sooner than i realized, cuz THIS is the finale!
Hope you guys like it!

9 months later. . . Wow, they went sa pamamagitan ng fast!


The last 9 months went sa pamamagitan ng fast. ....
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Gwen-duncan come out we gotta tell u somthing Duncan-i don't wanna Cody-come on dude ur pagganap like a slug Duncan-then im a slug a dirty selfish slug Gwen-ok thats it come out she then puts out her wand Gwen- flow out dance out duncan then comes flying out of his room Duncan=not cool dude not cool

Gwen-we've got some news for u Duncan-what? Cody-we saw ur girlfriend and the mummy and werewolf u could win her back now Duncan-like i care Cody-(sigh) some r evil some r kind but now all must speak there mind Duncan-really im so happy i could win her back uh oh truth spell Gwen-get dress and lets...
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Bridgette-Gwen that was not cool Duncan-Bridgette?... Bridgette get me out of this thing Bridgette-yeah but ho-oh a button she then pushes it and helps duncan out of the glass scene Bridgette-wheres courtney?!? Duncan-well we were making out till she wanted to get out of there in a hurry i tried to calm her down but we kept arguing then she saw a button and push it and she went out but locked me in Bridgette-wait coudn't u push that button that was inside Duncan-forgot

to mention that the button can only go in and out Bridgette-oh...continue Duncan-well then the werewolf appeared and starded...
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