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Bridgette-Gwen that was not cool Duncan-Bridgette?... Bridgette get me out of this thing Bridgette-yeah but ho-oh a button she then pushes it and helps duncan out of the glass scene Bridgette-wheres courtney?!? Duncan-well we were making out till she wanted to get out of there in a hurry i tried to calm her down but we kept arguing then she saw a button and push it and she went out but locked me in Bridgette-wait coudn't u push that button that was inside Duncan-forgot

to mention that the button can only go in and out Bridgette-oh...continue Duncan-well then the werewolf appeared and starded...
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Basically back at the musem duncan and courtney were still making out until courtney pull away Duncan-hey babe why ya stop Courtney-look we need to focus and get out of this glass scene and find the monsters Duncan-come on just a little madami he then starts halik her neck Courtney-look i just have a weiered feeling its like someones watching us Duncan-probly the statues come on don't be uptight Courtney-im not uptight!! Duncan-yes u r Courtney-hello were on a mission we're suppose to

be hunting not makin out Duncan-how about u relax Courtney-im relax and plus u don't even care what those monsters...
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Courtney`s POV:After several hours of looking out of the window,the plane finally touched down in the middle of no where.I got out and looked around and saw nothing but flat plain.No girls.Just men.I wasn`t suprised.Many men were staring and whistling.I changed into the camo uniform and went to the mess hall.I didn`t get anything to eat,I just sat down alone and saw men staring,whistling, and laugh.I was the only girl.Great.Two guys came over to my mesa and sat down.One had blonde hair and a wild grin.The other had black hair and a green mowhawk,and the most amazingly clear,blue eyes."Well,well,well.A...
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Decode: One-shot 

 Courtney skimmed the headline on the newpaper. 
"Total Dram Contestants: Where are they now?" Courtney frowned and dropped thd newspaper onto the vanity. 
  "Courtney, you ready?" A voice Courtney recognized to be her friend, Max. She stood up and dusted herself off. The image in the mirror showed differences than it had two years ago.  Courtney's mocha hair was now Deep Scarlet Red and her skin paler than before. Her fashion sense had changed to darker colors. 
  "Yeah. I'm ready." Courtney replied. The stage manager handed her a microphone. She gladly took it and...
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Courtney's POV: I smiled at myself in the mirror. I was having a perfect day. It was my wedding day, I looked gorgeous, and I was still sad. I dried my face some more. My face was all red because I had been crying. I missed Duncan. I wanted him to be the man I was marrying, not Justin. I do pag-ibig Justin, but I'm in pag-ibig with Duncan. All of a sudden I heard the music come on that signaled me to walk down the isle. I wish Duncan would come through the door and say "Don't go I pag-ibig you and I want to marry you." I was so stupid to tell him that I hated him. He just made me so mad. I wish I would've...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
This goes out to everyone!

Courtney`s POV:I was taking Kira and the two men back to the house.They were behind me the whole time.The truck had a trailer filled with horses behind it.

Duncan`s POV:I kept looking at her.She was beautiful.Perfect.She had to be miine."Stop the truck."I said."Why?"my dad asked."Just stop the truck."I sinabi again.The truck stopped,I got out and Courtney kept on going.I unlocked the doors to the trailer and took out my horse Slade.I locked the doors back and put the bit in Slade`s mouth."Ya!"I sinabi for Slade to go.Slade ran up to Courtney and her horse."Whoa."I said...
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Hiya! My sis is being a brat so I can't use the computer as much :( I really hate my sis! Name's of D+C kids (I KNOW we all forget} are Lauren, Clarie, Dani, and Jacob! (srry if I messed up at the names at any point!
Lauren's P.O.V
The infamous couple of Duncan and Courtney we're about to halik in the ipakita when my mom came in and yelled! She sinabi "YOU GUY'S SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN THAT CABINET! I expected this out of Lauren and Clarie But Dani! Jacob! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS? WE TRUSTED YOU!" Then my dad cam in and HE started yelling at us! I don't know...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney`s POV:"Fine.Tomorrow morning 8:00 sharp."I sinabi as I turned around to back to my bunk.The susunod morning,I was standing outside my hut wait on Duncan."He better hurry up if he knows what`s good for him."I sinabi to myself.I turned my head to the left looking at the palace then I heard,"Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!"I screamed and saw Duncan standing there laughing."Okay,you`ve had your laugh.Let`s go."I sinabi starting to walk in to the woods.After 7 hours of walking,I pulled a rubber snake out of my bag and threw it in front of me and walked over it."Ahhhhh!!!!Snake!"Duncan yelled chopping it`s head off.I...
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Courtney's POV

I finaly arrived in England! The plane slowed down until it did'nt move. All the passengers got out, and walked up to the conveyor to get their luggage.


The Stewadess's POV

Finaly all te passegers left, maybe there would be a short break for me and the rest of the crew.

I sudenly heard a tiny voice say:

"Mum, are we going to fly with this plane?"

"Yes honey, and it's gonna fly, just in a minute! Are you excidet that we're goin to Japan?"

"Very! I can't wait!"

I shut up my eyes and thought:

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Courtney sits sa pamamagitan ng her fireplace and reads a book. A unknown book because the front of the book has been faded away. The doorbell rings and Courtney yells "I'll get it!" Oh wait! I forgot, my family is on vacation. Courtney opens the door and gasps. Duncan stands there grinning. The rain falls on him and his black tee sando sticks to his chest. "Duncan! Come inside, its freezing out there!" Duncan steps inside and looks from side to side. Then he looks back to smiling courtney. "Why are you here?" Courtney asks. "I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance at my high school. "You came all...
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I woke up and it was the susunod morning.

I walked towards the heavy, wooden door and tried to turn the rusty metal door knob.

It wouldn't even budge. I banged on the door, not once, twice but thrice times.

Suddenly the door swung open.

There stood Roxii, mad as hell.

"Whatever ARE you doing, banging on the door at THIS time of the morning for?!" she was just as scary as Heather, i could see where she got her rage from.

"Erm, im just going to collect some madami apoy wood for the grate" i explained as an idea formed in my brain.

Freedom, thats all that i was after, so a walk in the Magical Black Forest...
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