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posted by dustfingerlover
She inhales sharply.
She hates the irony, and the pain is too much.
She cannot see his face;
He has advanced from behind.
But she does not need too,
She knows his face too well.
His kutsilyo digs deeper into her soft cheek.
He is carving a heart;
Mocking her obsession of him.
He whispers something incoherent to her.
She wishes she had listened closer.
He caresses her unmarked cheek with his gloved hand.
She closes her eyes,
Half wishing it was over,
Half wishing it would never end.

-Emily Rose-
posted by dustfingerlover
 Looks like you, don't he, Des? lol Just kiddin'.
Looks like you, don't he, Des? lol Just kiddin'.
Charlie & Frankie: Return to the Asylum

MAIN characters:
Nicole Crenshaw
Granny Smith

[Frankie sees Granny Smith murder Nicole Crenshaw]

F: *Oh my God!* uy you! [Points]

GS: [Bangs Frankie over the head with a shovel]

[Time Cut]

[Frankie is in a hospital bed]

F: Ow! Where… What happened?

C: I don’t know, you tell me. You were found in an ally, and the Doctor says you got hit over the head with something.

F: I don’t remember that…. I don’t remember anything!

[Time cut]

Psychiatrist: Frankie. Tell me, have you ever had any…...
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