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News by IRTEbigrich posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
fan of it?
If you live in NYC, and you're a dinastya or soap-opera tagahanga - you cannot miss the live performance of IRTE's "Big, Rich & Powerful", an improv comedy ipakita that pays homage to late-night soaps that center on a supremely wealthy and powerful family.

Money doesn't matter.
On tuktok of the ladder.
What's your biggest problem?
Your wife's spending too much time with the tenis pro.

Every night will be different - like TV episodes. Had a good time? Tune in tomorrow!

IRTE takes the best of Improv and mixes it with traditional theatre production to create a new form of entertainment. A polished play drenched in the shock and anything-can-happen excitement of Improv.

The audience will choose the family's wealth (oil, media, stocks, computers, music, bacon, post-it notes… whatever!) at the start of the show. Then the over-the-top characters will develop, crises will grow, plot twists will just sort-a happen, and … let the games begin!