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Edgar Allan Poe Tanong

Where can I find the real calligraphy of Poe?

I'm brazilian (sorry my english), and i want to make this tattoo: "And my soul from out that shadow, that lies floating on the floor, shall be lifted nevermore".
But I want to do it with the calligraphy of Poe, I tried to find it everywhere..
Does somebody knows his real calligraphy?

 patriciasm posted sa loob ng isang taon na ang nakalipas
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Edgar Allan Poe Sagot

PoeBoy777 said:
That particular line -- in Poe's own handwriting -- can be found in the Susan Jaffe Tane collection of Edgar Allan Poe which has been digitized and can be found online if you do some searching. But I've seen a good image of that. And, in fact, I saved to my phone and hard drive. So if I had a direct contact for you -- you can find me on Facebook as Paul araw Clemens -- I'd be madami than happy to send the image to you.😊
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posted 6 months ago 
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