I've just realised that I've got 40 characters all together, so I'm listing them. :P

I thought I'd briefly introduce them. :3

My Ocs.
1. Emma: (No need for an intro. XD)
2. Ashley: (Again, no intro.)
3. Ryan: Very tall penguin, friend of Emma's.
4. Tiatra: Crazy evil penguin-like alien.
5. Tom: Emma's brother.
6. Willow: Emma's future daughter.
7. Erin: Penguin, likes science.
8. Heather: Penguin, very spaced out, doesn't listen at all.
9. James: Nigel's son, very depressed, likes rock music.
10. Ava: Purple penguin-like alien, tough, sweet, gullible.
11. Maya: Equa. Leader of a planet, fair and a bit bossy.
12. Storm: Penguin/Owl female. Very tough, violent, and non trusting. Is good though.
13. Jake: Dolphin, Blowhole's brother, is good.
14. Tessa. Female penguin, depressed, troubled.
15. Hazel: Penguin/Otter. Skipper and Marlene's kid, tough, helpful, wants to be a soldier.
16. Jasmine: Ringtail lemur, shy, hyper playful.
17. Melissa: mouse lemur, Jasmine's adopted sister, carefree, yet kinda smart.
18. Dustin: Purple penguin-like alien. Confident, can be shy, sweet.
19. Fern: (Lilo and Stitch Oc, but lives near CPZ) Genetic Alien Experiment. (628) Curious, eager, hyper, and trusting. Primary Function: Controls all aspects of nature.
20. Carter: Male, kulay-rosas penguin-like alien. Timid, shy, keeps to himself.
21. Tallulah. Zyka, bold, brave, determined.
22. Kai: Penguin, crazy, hyper, nutty.
23. Joel: Penguin: Kai's bff, just a crazy, and weird, Ryan's cousin.
24. Izzy: Lab/Golden Retriever mix anti social, tough, quiet.
25. Paul: Penguin, Emma's dad.
26: Stacey: Penguin, Emma's mum.
27: Derek: Penguin/Equa. Kowalski and Ava's kid, Kind and smart.
28: Spencer: Galapagos penguin. Kowalski and Ava's adopted kid.
29. Russell. Penguin/Owl. Tom and Storm's kid. Confident.
30: Jade. Penguin/Equa. Kowalski and Ava's kid. Really shy.
31. Melanie: Otter, lives in Bronx zoo, kind, geeky, lazy, shy, from London.
32. Luke: Private's son, biologically made sa pamamagitan ng Blowhole, as a failed experiment.
33. Olivia: Julien and Jasmine's daughter, lemur, cheerful, a bit selfish, bright, silly.
34. Gabriella: Dustin and Maya's daughter, Equa, natural leader, down to earth, quick thinking, chilled.
35.Zachary: Mort and Melissa's son, lemur, surprisingly smart, content with life, awkward with girls.
36. Emilie. Human. (Recess/Lloyd in puwang Oc.) Rational, lazy, bit spaced out.
37. Ella: Human. (Simpsons Oc) Calm, smart, eco friendly, random.
38. Elle/Klutz: Human. (Star Wars: The Clone Wars Oc) Female human, recruited along with 3000 other humans, after a cloning station was destroyed, she's kind, very bright, enthusiastic, really clumsy, and friendly.
39. Jaden: Human, (SW:TCW OC) Male, Klutz's cousin, Jedi, sweet, kinda smart, teasing, enthusiastic, a bit silly, quick thinking.
40. Eve: Human. (Family Guy Oc.) Stewie's twin sister, not as evil, but just as smart,and likes to help him build inventions.

So that's all of them. :D I have even madami in my head for future fanfics, so brace yourselves. XD