in 2016 i changed this delicately phased passive aggressive artikulo into a rant and honestly??? im just gon be madami truthful and teaching and less angry

1. don't pressure people into stuff pls just leave people alone, like ask if they wanna read ur thing, but don't make em ya feel???? and sometimes evne then they might not want to even if they say yes, so ask about them too!!! keep a balance in the friendship!!

2. for your own sake learn when to take a hint, people who kept posting/asking over and over again for rp accounts for *insert minor character here* were incredibly annoying my mga kaibigan like?? make em urself gjkdshfhjfd

3. pls keep nsfw things between yourselves, no one really wants to see ur rp sex in the fans of pom club thanks

4. some of u are furries, we all kinda were, and that's ok who gives a shit but pls don't call my ocs sexy im too ace for this

5. we were all kinda stupid back then i hope you've all grown too, like i mean that in the nicest way bc growth is good!! i know i was fuckin stupid back then and im not excellent now but im doing my best and thats what counts

6. Man this bit used to say stuff like 'don't go out with someone u meet on the internet' but honestly do it if ya fucking want to but just skype first???? like make sure u know their face and shit, so it's not like some 50yr old pedo lmao

7 remember that really shitty dude who was literally just rude as hell the whole time to us and expected us to be nice to him and give him respect despite the fact he was literally awful, yeah i wanted to fucking stab him lmao.

8. lgbt people are lovely and nice and let them be

9. trump supporters are garbage, and yes im looking at u sjf i cannot believe you're okay with voting for a racist sexist bigot but okay lol

9. we're all just tired and sad in this world just??? be kind to people, and make ur ocs, and stick with the people u love

10.exercise is actually nice, like just go down to the park and have a nice walk about??? it does wonders for ya

11. any of y'all play super paper mario that game is fuckin sick hmu on tumblr if you wanna talk about that bc i could talk for hours abt dimentio