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posted by darkkhorn19
I feel so empty without you
I don’t know, I just do
Could it be, is it true?
Do I pag-ibig you?

Every time you leave I almost cry
And I feel like I’m going to die
In my stomach, there’s a tie
But I have no idea why

And when you’re with me
It fills me with so much glee
Even though you say BRB
I sometimes go and pee

I’m sorry if I sometimes act insane
My A.D.H.D is to blame
pag-ibig must be a weird game
To me, it’s pretty lame

Now I know why I do
I hope you feel the same way too
I pag-ibig you
posted by ShadowIsTehPwn
this is the first time ive posted a poem

a painted smile for the world to see;

lest they know of you misery...

inside your heart, your being, your soul;

a tearful gaze of tears now sold.

all for you; a pag-ibig thought true

a betrayal most fatal,

a feeling - albeit painful

... [but a feeling nonetheless]...

...and in the most terrible of ways...

... all thats left is a lifeless gaze...

thats what pag-ibig does.

...of a once bright smile,

now shadowed with beguile...

[well there it is... i dont usually post things i write, but a friend pushed me to do it -.-' so i hope you all enjoy it.
posted by hunter51
this is a poem i wrote i havent thought of a name yet so just enjoy

when i first met you
is when my life prosperd
when pag-ibig & life began & chaos & death ended

when we were together
i was cheerful

when we were apart
time came to a stop

but despite that you seased
to notice me as timed past your pag-ibig belonged to another

my puso ripped to shreads & thrown away

that was when pag-ibig & life stoped & chaos & death began

yeah i know its kind of short hope you liked it ^-"
posted by xX-emo-Xx
Two shots of hate from a mouth as loud as a gun like an assasin...who does it for fun.Two deffending blows in a war that has just begun,life has gone away...I'm done.Two red mga rosas sitting on my coffin.the wind blows,leaving only one world i know disappears...like the sun setting. It's not when i look back at all the memories,and good times we had that makes me sad it's when you consider those memories as nothing you,when they ment everything to me. Rain Rain go away, Because of u my pain will stay. Slit my throat,Cut my heart,Leave me here,Tear it apart. Poison tears streams down my face,My puso beats at a steady paste !!!! Drowning in the darkness of despair beiliving the lies I hear And seeing truths not there See the rays of sunlight They shine on my scars Reaching for that broken heart.
posted by Petessexyninja
Jack Skellington is the kalabasa king, but a preps bestfriend is a dimond ring. we emo's however, well, we'd rather it just be Halloween, where witches and black Pusa cast spells and sing. preps sit around all araw caring about no one but themselves, and yet us emo's are the ones who get put on the shelves. We are the ones who are growing in size, though. One araw the preps will be a minority....hello?! Didn't you already know? Oops guess not, or maybe you forgot. either way it's all good. Revenge will be great, even though it's come a little late.