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 ira, vampira, emo, girl, scene, queen, make up, hair, pastel goth, gothic, cosplay, anime, manga, wh
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Source: ira, vampira, emo, girl, scene, queen, make up, hair, pastel goth, gothic, cosplay, anime, manga, wh
ira, vampira, emo, girl, scene, queen, make up, hair, pastel goth, gothic, cosplay, anime, manga, white hair, blone hair, blue hair, green hair, purple hair, red hair, kahel hair, yellow hair, turquoise hair, kulay-rosas hair, silver hair, grey hair, black hair
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posted by SweetestSilence
I know generally speaking this isn't a very 'emo' poem but I gathered since mga tula is a way of expressing emotions freely for some people I would post this because there is also quite alot of good mga tula on this site.

I am a daughter hurting, and trying to regain my mothers love. I wrote this poem from my heart, and find mga tula a very satisfying way to get my feelings out. This is the first poem I have ever really worked hard on, and actually finished. Thanks for pagbaba it in advance...

I remember the good times,
That we once had...
But still my life,
Is oh...so sad,
I try to look forward,
But my...
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posted by niceapril
Now I'm curious 'cos I wanna know,
why does some people not wanna be an emo?
We always get called 'emo' and it makes us content,
we actually take it as a compliment.

'Cos we emos are cool in our own way,
we pag-ibig being emo night and day.
We listen to songs with actual meaning,
and we don't like Mariah Carey or do cleaning.

We ignore strangers who tend to stare,
'cos they're stupid and we don't care.
We don't pretend to be something we're not,
we're sooo cool and totally hot.

If we're angry then we cuss,
we swear at people who dis us.
One last thing that we're missing,
we are very good at kissing!
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*i don't usually do this sort of thing and i realize i have Bella from twilight for my pic and i like twilight so don't say anything about that if you comment i just want to say i want to know what you think of my poem, because i had went through some sad things this taon and im permanently broken inside and out...*

Share the pieces

Please let me get you out of my mind, i think about you all the time.
The pain is still here and i cant let it go.
cause its all i have left to remember you.
i thought i could trust you, but i guess i lied to myself, there is no happy memory i have of us.
pag-ibig is a word people say to mean they can trust you with their heart, but you abused mine. and it will never heal this time.
it hurts me to know that i was once loved, because i don't know what i did to lose you.
id have my puso torn into two
But im so alone id even share the pieces with you.
posted by strawberry19
im so hurt
all i feel is pain
im so stressed
pain is my middle name
my life is like a game im waiting for my susunod move
trying to take step sa pamamagitan ng step im dying way to soon!!
my life is crumbling slowly right before my eyes
my puso is beating slowly i think im fin tah die
im tired of being used
it hurts so much, but i just cant refuse
i cry myself to sleep from what he did to me
i shouldn't have let him get it! He's so phony!!
but why am i so depressed!!
am i the cause for all this stress?
im such a mess! God just end my fight!
im trapped in darkness and can't find tha light
i try to find people to hide my pain...
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