I know it has been over taon since i wrote last but i am getting back into it and i hope you do too. Enjoy :)

I cringed as i saw Aro grab Esme's hand. Her engagement ring glittered in the sunlight as her caressed her knuckles. I could tell sa pamamagitan ng Edward's facial expressions that Aro's thoughts weren't much better. "You don't want her, Aro. You want me. Let her go, if you know what's good for you." I told my former leader. Aro chuckled at my order. "You are hardly in any position to make threats, Carlisle." He hissed. I felt a sense of calmness wash over me. "Thanks Jasper." I whispered. He simply nodded in return. "What do you want from me? I asked Aro. "Simple. I want Esme as my mate." He replied. My thoughts had been wrong. He didn't want me. He wanted Esme. "She's human. What could you possibly want with a human." I questioned. "For the same reason you wanted her. She's gorgeous. Quite possibly one of the prettiest humans i have seen and i want her to be mine." He answered. I carefully thought about my susunod words. "But you won't be able to resist her blood for long. Your instincts will take over and you will drink her dry. She is safer with us due to our diet." I explained. Aro held up his hand. "He blood is quite intoxicating and i can't argue with your reasoning. So i might as well get what i want from her now." He said. before i could register what he meant, Felix had already started to tear off Esme's dress.