"Carlisle i have a question." Esme sinabi as she put her book down. "Ask away." i sinabi with confindence. I was expecting the tanong to be along the lines of what kind of cake do you want? "Will, you change me into a vampire on our honeymoon?" I couldn't believe she just asked me that. I mean I knew that the discusion was going to come up sooner or later but i would of prefered later. "Esme, this isnt the ideal life." i explained to her. "Carlisle with you it would be and i get older each araw while you stay the same way. You arent going to pag-ibig me when i am an old lady." "Esme i will pag-ibig you forever." i sinabi as carressed her hand in mine. "Please Carlisle i want to be with you forever and the only way that is possible is if i am a vampire like you." I peered into her eyes. I loved this women madami than anything and i knew she was right. "Ok, deal." "Thank you" I couldn't help but smile as i pulled her to my chest. She fell asleep in my arms and i watched her sleep till morning.

All araw at work i thought about Esme, the wedding, and her transformation. On the way tahanan i decieded i would stop sa pamamagitan ng the jewerly store to pick Esme up a special piece of jewelry. The man at the counter picked out a diamond necklace. It was extremly gorgoeus (and exspensive) just like Esme. The Jewlers wrapped it in an aqua colored wrapping paper and tied a white bow to the top. When i arrived tahanan Alice and Rosalie were playing cards and Esme was looking at wedding dresses. She didnt see me come in so i decieded to surprise her. I took the kuwintas out the box and walked into the kitchen. I unhooked the clasp and put it around her neck. The touch of the kuwintas to her neck made her jump but, she returned when she saw what i was placing around her neck. "Carlisle, it's beautiful!" she sinabi while admiring the diamonds. "When i saw it i immendiatily thought of you." I barley got to finish my sentence before she grabbed my neck and kissed me with extreme passion. She retreted but i wanted more. I kept pushing pasulong putting my lips anywhere i could find skin. "Carlisle lets do this later tonight." "Sounds good to me." i told her. She just laughed and smiled. "Which on did you pick?" i sinabi as i eyed the wedding dress catalouges. "This one." she replied pointing to a white strapless toga with diamond senquence at the bottom. "It's perfect" i sinabi as i kissed her forehead. Without hesintation i carried Esme up to the bedroom where we finished our encounter.