The susunod few days around the cullen house were hetic. Esme was completly absorbed in the wedding arrangments. "The bridesmaid dresses aren't suppoused to get her till friday!, 2 days before the wedding." she sinabi with a growl. I let out a small chuckle as she gave me a glare. "Is something funny, Dr. Cullen?" she asked me playfully. "Your going to look gorgeous in your dress." i replied clearly ingnoring her question. "Apology accepted" she sinabi with a smile. I couldn't help myself any longer i scooped her up in my arms and kissed her with a firey passion. Her hands moved to the back of my neck as mine found her waist. "You seem a bit distracted, Doctor." "I am just so anxious to say i do" i told her as i placed a small halik on her temple. "Sorry to interupt but Aro and the volturie are here" edward informed me. Keeping one hand around Esme's waist the two of us moved into the living room. "Carlisle, my dear friend so nice to see you again." Aro sinabi as we entered the room. Esme flinched at the sight of her bloodshot eyes. "It's ok i won't let them hurt you." i whispered into her ear. She flashed a small smile before retreting to the kusina to talk to Alice and Rosalie. Emmett, Edward, Jasper, and I were left in the living room with Aro and Jane. "I see you have found a mate, Carlisle." Aro commented. "Yes i have we are to wed on sunday". i sinabi with a smile. Jane looked at me with disgust. "She is a human who knows to much about our world." Jane sinabi to Aro but she clearly directed to me. I didn't want to tell them my plans about turning her into an immortal. "She would never tell anyone our secret." Edward told Jane. "Humans do stupid things that get them into trouble." Jane striked back. She licked her lips and her nostriles inhaled. I turned to see Esme walking upstairs. I wanted to go and comfort her but, i was needed there. Edward growled has he read Jane's thoughts. I could tell they were about Esme. "Where is Alice?" Aro asked out of the blue. Jasper flinched at the sound of her name. "I am right her, Aro." Alice sinabi as she floated into the room. Aro grabbed her hand and read her visons. "I see she will become an immortal a beatiful one to say the least" I let a sigh of relief as Aro and Jane made there way towards the door. "You got lucky." Jane sinabi with a smirk as she ran to the forest in an inhuman speed. I ran upstairs to tell Esme the good news when i noticed she was gone!