Where was she? Is she ok? Those tanong and many madami ran through my head as i scurried downstaris to alert the rest of my family. "Esme is missing!" i yelled from the 5th step. "Are you sure?" Alice and Rosalie asked at the same time both with a sense of worry in there voice. "I am positive, i cant pick up her scent anywhere." i replied. "Carlilse, eveything is going to be fine we will find her." Edward reasssured me. I sat down on the sopa pondering the many possibilites to explain Esme's sudden dissaparence. "Jane!" i sinabi out loud. "You might be on to something." Jasper said. "Yeah, Jane never liked Esme from the start." Emmett agreeded. "But, it doesn't make sense, why would Jane take Esme if she knew she would become an immortal?" Rosalie asked. "To sucker me into joining the Volutori again." i sinabi answering her question. "Exactly, she is using Esme to get to Carlisle." Alice said. "Well we have to rescue her. There is know telling how long Jane or Aro can resist the smell of her blood." i told them. We all got into our cars and drove to the airport where we flew to Italy. "Wow it's even madami beautiful in person." Rosalie sinabi with excitment. "Not as beautiful as you." Emmett told her. Edward gaged at the sound of there flirting. "Could we please stick to the plan?" Edward asked clearly directing the tanong to Rose and Emmett. They each rolled there eyes in response. "Volutori headquarters are right this way." Jasper sinabi pointing straight ahead. It was nearly 6:00 sa pamamagitan ng the time we reached the chapel. "I dont know the circumstances that Esme is under but we all need to remain calm for her sake." i told them. They all nodded. "Carlisle how nice of you to sumali us." Jane sinabi as we entered the room. Esme was sitting in a chair beside Aro. She flashed me a smile. She was my princess and i was her vampire in shinging armor.