Danish Greenland map. Nuuk, also called Godthåb in Danish, is the capital of Greenland.
The Greenlanders are going to vote about them ruling their country themselves. This does'nt mean that Greenland won't still be Danish because it will but will be voting for it November 25. If Greenland says yes, they can rule their country sa pamamagitan ng themselves without asking the Danes from June 21, 2009.

The Danish Prime-minister says that they support Greenland in whatever they want to do and in whatever they vote. Denmark will still have control over Greenland but not full control if they say yes.

Greenland will not be independent, only political, if they do say yes because they may not...

Greenland will also be getting the right over the underground in Greenland which contains a lot of oil.

Greenland can also take the step and become fully independent, but the chance is'nt so big because the so called "rigsfællesskab" (kingdom community) is precious and what do they need to be FULLY independent for?

Denmark and Greenland are very good mga kaibigan and have national traditions together.

Iceland has also once been Danish and the Danish language is their first foreign language. It's like that in Greenland and The Faroe Islands too and nothing can hardly change that.

Facts from BT articles.