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 Victoria Adidas photoshoot 'Cosmopolitan'
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This F(x) litrato contains raketa ng tenis, tennis raketa, tennis player, tennis pro, and propesyonal na player tennis.

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hot summer
kulay-rosas tape
kulay-rosas tape
kulay-rosas tape
Super Junior’s Kim Heechul uploaded a friendship litrato of himself with f(x)’s Sulli on October 25th, along with a very sweet tweet.

He wrote, “My ’sibling’ Sulli came all the way to China despite her busy schedule! She always does her best in anything, and is full of loyalty. She may look like a little child, but she is a thoughtful dongseng.”

The litrato was taken on the 23rd during ’Super Junior’s Asia Tour Beijing Concert,’ where Sulli made an appearance during Heechul’s solo performance.

Netizens who have seen this litrato have commented, “Heechul and Sulli seem like siblings”, “They look good together”, and “Cute couple”.
f(x), the honorary ambassadors for the Ministry of National Defense, was interviewed sa pamamagitan ng KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment Relay” on October 23rd.

After being told that f(x) ranked 2nd in a ‘Favorite Celebrity’ survey, member Victoria showed off her cute facial expressions in order to capture the hearts of the armed forces. SNSD had taken first.

Victoria held her fists against her cheeks and cutely pleaded, “Oppas~~ Please choose us as #1 susunod time~”

When asked about who her ideal man was, Victoria answered, “I like my virtual husband Nichkhun, but my ideal man is Song Seung Hun.”

Victoria is currently appearing in MBC’s variety program, “We Got Married,” alongside husband Nichkhun.
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fans have been wondering where f(x) member Amber's whereabouts have been.

Recently, on online community sites. Photo's of Amber has been surfacing, according to the netizen who posted the photo, it was new photo's of amber and the litrato was taken recently.

Amber is covering half of her face in the photo's and she is seen with a shorter hair.

fans commented, "Amber I hope to see you soon on stage", "Please come back fans are waiting for you".

Meanwhile, Amber has been away due to her leg injury and it was sinabi she went back to the U.S. However, there are still no official statements on Amber's kamakailan whereabouts.
News about f(x)’s member Krystal nearly getting scouted in Hapon has been gaining hot interest.

On this week’s episode of f(x)’s solo variety show, ‘f(x)’s Koala’, the girls took a trip to Japan.

As one of the challenges, the members had to walk around separately for a mission to ‘find Korean text’ in the streets of Japan. It was during this time when Krystal bumped into a Japanese scout manager.

He was about to give Krystal his business card, but soon after Krystal said, “I’m Korean”, the scout immediately took off.

Having not expected the situation, Krystal was so surprised and said, “I nearly got a business card..”, “To become a trainee…”.

However, Krystal gave a slight smirk and added, “But this isn’t actually the first time.”
Nichkhun shared a comical story that emerged from his grandma’s misunderstanding of “virtual marriage,” in “We Got Married”.

On the October 26th airing of “Strong Heart”, Nichkhun shared the story of his trip to his homeland, Thailand, with F(x)’s Victoria.

Nichkhun said, “I introduced Victoria to my family sa pamamagitan ng saying ’she is my wife’. Everyone was surprised. Especially my grandma as she asked why I didn’t tell her of my marriage.”

He explained to his grandma the concept of “virtual marriage,” but she seemed like she didn’t fully understand it.

During the filming, Nichkhun’s grandma wasn’t happy with the couple’s ’seriousness and realism’, giving them angry stares. She even asked, “Do you guys sleep together too?“, flustering Nichkhun and Victoria.

Nichkhun added, “I was under constant scrutiny,” who was trying to explain his relationship with Victoria to his grandmother, all while shooting the episode.

.Super Junior’s Twitter king strikes again, he has uploaded yet another hilarious photo. It isn’t just your usual crazy Heechul photo, when you actually click on the link, it takes you to a litrato of f(x)’s maknae Sulli…or is it?

It looks like Heechul has transformed himself into Sulli! In all the three mga litrato he has his slender hands covering over his face slightly revealing Sulli’s many cute hairstyles and poses.

He updated the following,

“SULLI Cut (I’m SULHEE) Kkkkkk”

fans have commented, “Wahaha….I thought the first picture was actually Sulli xD u look like her!! Suhee!! xD”, “Wow! You look like a young girl(so lovely) lol..^_^”, “Why you do this to us?! So cute! >^< ♥”, “I think you are madami beautiful than her.^^”, and many madami comments complimenting his girly look.

So do you think he really looks like Sulli? Let us know what you think?
Did f(x)’s Amber make a kamakailan surprise appearance on the Ustream ipakita of SM Entertainment choreographers, Rino and Maryss?

The live stream was held in L.A. on October 28th and went on to talk about a variety of topics. Although Amber doesn’t make a direct appearance, she’s allegedly addressed several times throughout the show, and at some points, viewers are able to hear her voice and see glimpses of her through the webcam.

According to tips, Amber makes her first appearance at the 1:09:31 mark, walking through the background as Maryss is talking.

A lot of the SM related tanong the girls...
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