It's funny how one can go from being completely indifferent towards something to almost dependent on it just like that.

I was introduced to Fairy Tail sa pamamagitan ng one of my best mga kaibigan sometime early last year. I was mostly new to anime, the only one I had seen before hand was OHSHC. This was around the time that the anime was just coming back from hiatus and Fairy Tail 2014 was born, something my friend was greatly anticipating. At the time I couldn't relate and didn't know what she was talking about but after several days of constant whining and begging, I agreed to watch a few episodes.

I didn't fall in pag-ibig with it instantly as you may expect. No, it took a few days to warm up to it. But once I was used to it, the characters began to feel madami like family than my actual family (I'm exaggerating. I pag-ibig my family very much!).
I loved it!

Today, I spend my days waiting every week for the latest chapter/episode. Fairy Tail has changed me for the better. I've learnt madami about this world through these characters than I will ever learn anywhere else. I've forged new friendships that will last a lifetime with other members of the fandom and strengthened old ones. Fairy Tail has transformed me into the person I've always wanted to be and for that I'm truly grateful.