#6. Laxus Deyar

---I pag-ibig Laxus because, he's so chill about everything. He is also very powerful (and is open about it :D) but uses his power to protect the guild. Laxus is very loyal to Fairy Tail, and i think he would make a great seventh master.

#5. Gray Fullbuster

---Gray is that friend that everyone likes, but he doesn't know it. That friend that is just there....That friend that has a lot of habits (stripping) and likes a lot of things, but you don't know it. That Friend that is just....cool.

#4. Natsu Dragneel

---Main character's are usually super annoying, and the one character that everyone hates, But Hiro Mashima did a great job making Natsu a GREAT main character. Natsu is super powerful and cares about the guild (and Lucy). He puts everything he loves before himself, which i really admire. Natsu is also sa pamamagitan ng FAR the funniest person in the guild! He makes jokes that dont really make sense, but thats why they're funny!

#3. Bickslow

---Bickslow isn't seen a lot in Fairy Tail, but i really pag-ibig him. I acually pag-ibig the thunder Legion sa pamamagitan ng itself. But Bickslow is the best. I pag-ibig his hair, clothes and magic/personality. He has been beaten sa pamamagitan ng Lucy twice (wonder how he lived that one down :D). All in all, Bickslow is funny and amazing!

#2. Gildarts Clive

---You HAVE to pag-ibig Gildarts! Gildarts is a cunning, brave, and powerful man....But is also a lady lover and an important part of the guild. He is the father of Cana (which really makes sense considering they are both basically the same--you know what i mean!).

#1. Gajeel Redfox

---Gajeel is amazing. He is funny, strong. powerful, lovable, and doesn't care what anyone thinks (also hot) He is obviously in pag-ibig with Levy (we all know that :D) which is awesome, because, you would never expect it.....with him so strong and her so tiny and weak. Gajeel just makes Fairy Tail complete...without him, Fairy Tail wouldn't have the "Magic " touch (hahahaha..GET IT?! XD XD)

-Roses are red, Violets are blue...i pag-ibig Fairy Tail, and so do you!