#5. Todd Haberkorn is a BIG tagahanga of Anime!
---Todd Haberkorn, (the english voice of Natsu) is a voice actor in dozens of other anime's, including---Hetalia (Italy)--Ouran High School Host Club (Hikaru)--Soul Eater (Death The Kid)--Attack On Titan (Marlo)--Legend Of Korra (Bataar jr.)--Full Metal Alchemist (Ling Yao)--and lot's more!

#4. Hiro Mashima's bituin sign is Tarus.
----Mashima sinabi that that's why he had to make tarus strong and stuff, because he didn't want to make himself look weak! (hahaha that's funny!)

#3. Mahsima's paborito FT volumes are 10+11.
---he claims to like those volumes because that's where the tower of heaven comes in, and the REAL action starts...with Erza's back story and everything.

#2. Erza's wasn't originally what she looks like NOW.
----originally Erza was designed with messy hair, primal balahibo clothing, and a spear...Mashima wanted her to be a character Natsu feared. (i guess he kept THAT concept)!

#1. Wendy wasn't always supose to be a sky dragon stayer!
----Wendy was originally supose to be a WATER dragon slayer, according to Mashima.

#1. 5. Natsu's clothes weren't always black.
----Natsu's clothes were originally supose to be RED, but Mashima later changed it to BLACK because Natsu's apoy and his red clothing were both the same color.