sikat na halik Movie halik that made you the happiest? (feel free to add your own - but no TV please)

Pick one:
Harry tells Sally he loves her ("When Harry Met Sally")
Joanna comes back after Sam finds her at the airport ("Love Actually")
Mark proposes to Bridget ("Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason")
"People do belong to people" ("Breakfast at Tiffany's")
Lizzie and Mr Darcy get together ("Pride & Prejudice")
"You want to halik me!" ("Miss Congeniality")
Charles asks Carrie not to marry him ("Four Weddings and A Funeral")
Jamie flys to Portugal to propose to Aurelia ("Love Actually")
Juno and Bleeker get together ("Juno")
Carrie and Big finally get married ("Sex and the City Movie")
Keith and Watts first halik ("Some Kind Of Wonderful")
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The notebook halik in the rain
Emma and Knightley halik ("Emma")
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"I may scream..." "I understand. Sometimes I have that effect." The Mask of Zorro
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27 Dresses, when Jane admits her pag-ibig to Kevin
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All the twilight saga kisses
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Never been kissed
Jack and Rose's halik at the bow of the ship in Titanic
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Westley and Buttercup. &# 34; Te\ here were five great...
Westley and Buttercup. "Te\here were five great kisses in history, this one left
John & Kate in Terminator Salvation
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Jasmin and Aladdin's first halik
Mike Brander & Samantha James from "Just Friends"
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