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When that nasty Skool was done I walk tahanan alone like always.. I guess people sAy I'm a freak even tho they ugly heh stupid humans won't know what hit them when I have my plans settle and ready to rule this earth and all humans will BOW! to me hmm it's getting dark "hey bad uy wait up"

I turn around to see the worm baby Cry running to me than stop and walk susunod to me.. "what do you want human?..." she look at me and smile "I just wanted to walk with you to your place I think it's nice if I came along with you till you reach home" I look at her than back to the roads "and why is that.. No body don't bother walking with me even tho like walking sa pamamagitan ng myself?.."

She didn't bother looking at me "well yes I know but my sisters are so mad at you they just talk about how they will save the world sa pamamagitan ng your susunod plan" hmm she be usefull for infro about her sisters susunod plans "well that's good to know cuz I know they always stop my susunod plans" cry look at me "oh heh 26 points for earth yay heheh" I kept walking till we were near my door and house even tho it was Zim's but now he's a tallest so he gave me it

"well guess this is where we part work baby" she look at me in awe "ok see ya at Skool" she walk away... Even tho I hate that nasty Skool I have to learn they'er history even tho zim fail to learn them "yeah... We see about that" I walk in the house and saw Gaz hanging with Gir "and what you two up to now?.." Gaz open one eye and look at me "Notting just hanging out and waiting for you"

For me? "um and why is that" she close her eye and started to play the game "well had a message from zim saying about how things going" oh.. Damn well that's good news I guess "well thanks I talk to him when I get my plans settle... Um carry on... I walk away and look back seeing Gaz and Gir playing video games together... *weird never saw Gir so happy*

To Be Continue.
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"WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" I scram as I danced on the mesa little a mad person. "GO CAMERON! GO GO GO!!!!" Monnique yelled cheering me on. "What the hell is going on?" Dianna asked. "CAMERON?" she wondered in shock. "What is she- I saw her hanging out with Jake a while ago." Craig said. "Where's Jake?" Dianna asked. "He's out at the store, went to but madami drinks cause we were running out." Raquan said. "Do you see her up there? She rocking it!" Monnique says with a smile. "No, this isn't what I meant! Cameron doesn't drink." Dianna said. "C'mon, just a little alcohol,...
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With Anna’s help Dean appeared in Daphne’s living room. Anna stayed behind, to try and locate Cas again.
Daphne let out a shriek when she saw Dean.
“What are you doing here? How did you get in here? I’m calling the cops” she sinabi scared.
“Wait, listen, I’m not here to hurt you” Dean said, raising his hands. “I just need to know where I can find your sister”
“Zoey? What do you need her for?” Daphne asked defensive.
“Look, I know you think Zoey is your God or something, but she’s been playing mind games with you. She’s been manipulating you”
Daphne shook her head. “I...
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It was night and visiting hours were long over, but that didn’t stop Dean from checking on his best friend.
Cas was sitting on the cold floor, his head buried in his knees, trying to make himself as small as possible.
Dean, always armed with a lighter, made some light, because it was pitchdark.
“Hello, in there” he sinabi a little nervous.
“Go away” Cas sinabi hoarse.
“Sure, I’ll wait for you outside” Dean sinabi confident.
“Then you can wait for a very long time” Cas said. “Because I’m not coming”
“Why not?” Dean asked a bit frustrated. “This isn’t about Meg, is it?”...
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This guy is just sick! I'm serious he needs to be banned! He bashes Yaoi, Yaoi fans and homosexuals in the most sickening ways!
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I look angry at the humans walking around and PICKING THEY'er Nasty nose... But I find that I have no nose so I feel my face where the nose area is but didn't feel Notting ... "Hmmm so why do the humans Have nose" I turn around looking at Gir sitting and pag-awit some thing that I can't find out what it was "GIR get over here" Gir got up and ran fast here turning red with a hands behind his back "YES MASTER"

good thing I Pro him with some stuff in him ever since zim turn to a tallest... "OK GIR LOOK OUTSIDE WHAT DO YOU...
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As I was looking up some things of what humans like I heard a big bang and every thing shaking "oh what in the world of humans!?" I went upstairs and saw Gaz and Gir looking at the big box outside my door and a creepy smile came to my lips "Yes it's here my Doomer!" I ran to it and push Gir and Gaz out my way and let them fall to the ground "aghh?! damn bad watch where you going!" Gaz stop and saw me halik and hugging the
Huge box and open one eye and look at Gir on ground "HI FLOOR MAKE ME SOME THING GREAT!" Gaz roll her eyes and grab Gir and drag him inside the house "well...
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Meg took a bite from the waffle and frowned. “Did you put tsokolate in it?” she asked, looking up at Cas.
“Yeah, Anna told me you liked it as a human and since you’re human again…” Cas explained. “I wanted to do something nice for you”
“Hmm” Meg said, taking another bite from her waffle. “Seems to me that you’re trying to make up for something”
Cas bit his lip and sat down. He took Meg’s hand. “Yeah, I’ve been…quite a jerk to you yesterday. But…the pain…it was really bad” he tried to explain.
Meg pulled her hand away. “Yeah, I get it” she answered a...
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Self explanitory :)
how to write
Gabe’s body was lying on a mesa in the basement of the Salvatore Boarding House. Stefan was leaning pasulong to get a closer look, when he heard a door open and close.
“I’m down here!” he yelled, before the visitor could call him. Rushing down the stairs and an instant later Tyler appeared. “Glad you could come so fast”
“You sinabi it was important” Tyler replied scrupulously.
“It is” Stefan confirmed. He nodded at the body. “I need you to…sniff this one. I want to know who killed him”
“You want me to sniff him?” Tyler asked with raised eyebrows.
“Pretty much” Stefan...
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"Yawn...."Silver was awoken from the sun's bright rays, assured nothing scandalous would happen today. Usually, there are tons of bad events occuring in Mobius every single day. Today is NOT International Peace Day, it's hopefully Non-devastation Day!
Either araw will work out with the Mobians.

" Alright, today I'm supposed to meet Silver at Mobius Chillidogs at four o'clock." Shadow proclaimed to himself, so he wouldn't forget what to do today. He went downstairs, preparing himself some breakfast. pancakes and bacon, something he'd like. Shadow put a plate on his table, with his breakfast on...
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A Suite Life of Zack and Cody fanfic. Lol!
suite life
Jeremy and Jenna were now somewhere unfamiliar. It was cold and dark and musty. They were standing in front of a cage, susunod to Bonnie, who looked furious. Apparently Damon had done something Bonnie had not allowed him to do.
“You have been a very bad boy, Damon, disobeying me like that” “I’m sorry” he mumbled, though he didn’t mean a word of it. “Shut up” Bonnie commanded. “I believe bad boys should be punished” she finished with an extremely evil smile on her face. Damon swallowed, fearing whatever was coming. But Bonnie just sat there. She wasn’t mumbling anything, she...
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Rachel had made up her mind. Stefan was right. It was not right to turn her back on her family. Veronica wasn’t family. Kelsey and Amber were. And they were supernatural, as was she. Taking Veronica’s side would be like denying her nature and it would be an insult to her children. Gabe had made her a prisoner, had forced her to become this. She wouldn’t let anyone tell her her species had no right to live, that there was no place for them under the sun.
“I’ll do it” she sinabi determined. Then, thinking about Veronica if she found out about her betrayal, she felt less confident. “She...
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The fanfiction lingo (I do not own any of these words. Plus, i did not feel like getting them all, as some are unimportant, so you can go paghahanap it up yourself if you feel that this is an unfinished list):

Fandom: The whole thing that you are a tagahanga of.

O.C.: Original Character (one that you make up to sumali in with other characters in your fanfics).

O.O.C.: Out Of Character.

I.C.: In Character.

Crackfics: walang tiyak na layunin ridiculous stories.

Squee: Really entertaining/funny stories.

Woobie: A woobie is a character that elicits the sympathy of the reader, often because the character has experienced excessive...
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It's about my story where bella is Stefan and Damon Salvatore's sister
The story is in French! Expand your knowledge, and have an open mind. One who knows one, knows nothing at all. Full story here: link