**Not in order of books **

Max: "Ordering a pizza?" 'Honestly, if I'd been selling people out to the bad guys and someone snarled, 'Ordering a pizza?' My response without thinking would be, "Yeah. You want pepperoni?"'

Max: "Will you QUIT that?"
Fang: "Quit what? Breathing?"

Max: "I couldn't see you!"
Nudge: "Yeah, I was looking, too! You weren't there!"
Iggy: "Yeah, man. I couldn't see you, either."

Iggy: "Can you see me?:
Max: "Yeah."
Iggy: "No you can't!"
Max: (Throws pine cone at his chest) "If I couldn't see you, would I be able to do that?"

Fang's Blog: 'Max is the one I want most on sa pamamagitan ng my side. Even though I'm getting grey hairs and ulcers from dealing with her.'

Iggy: (Knocks on bathroom door) "What are you doing in there- waxing your mustache?"
Max: (Unlocks door and opens it; shoves Iggy backwards) "I don't have a mustache, you idiot! And you don't, either. Maybe you'll get it in a few madami years. You could always hope."

Iggy: "I need to go to the bathroom!"
Max: "Hold on, I'm not wearing anything!"
Iggy: "But I'm BLIND!"

Max: "Whoa. kaki much?"
Fang:"Yeah. And I dig your military hair style."
Max: "Touche."

Max: 'I swear to you, it was literally a green kabute ulap ... "Ah! Better out then in!" Gazzy said. "Oh my God! What have you been EATING? Nuclear waste?" I said, holding my nose. "God, do these windows OPEN?" Nudge said, pressing herself against them.

Brigid: "... So if you get attacked sa pamamagitan ng a seal-"
Max: "We fly away from it?"
Brigid: "Um, yeah. And if you get stuck in a crevice"-
Max: "We fly out of it?"
Brigid: "Uh, yeah. And if you get stuck in a blizzard ..."
Max: She stopped, like she expected me to say, "We fly out of it?" Again. But honestly, I'm not that stupid!