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posted by Crazy-Chica
My name is Alisa and Im ..... years old! Ha ha sorry but thats confidential.. but I can tell you that I am older than 10 and younger than 20!

I live in ....... Sorry thats confidential too! But I can say it was snowing! I pag-ibig winter. Although the cold kind of makes me mad.

I pag-ibig Summer out of all the seasons. Mostly because its warm and sunny .. oh did I mention no school! I pag-ibig to hang with my besties and tindahan til I drop!

As for pag-ibig life.. well I can say I am single but I have an eye on someone. He is a taon younger (oh well) and hes not on fanpop (that i know of)

I have many best friends! Marisa, Lauren, and Amanda are my favorties! I have know Marisa since 5th grade, Lauren since 4th and Amanda since 5th.
Ever since I met my besties they have made me really happy. We hang out all the time and I pag-ibig to hang out and talk to them all the time! Me and my buds have tons of fun, and although some of them dont like each other... I know they try and get along just for me! (I feel Special)

Many people think im a quiet girl but HECK NO! If you really knew me you would see how hyperr i am all the time! And thats a good thing right? I hope so!

My favs-
food- mani butter
show- smallville
smallville couple- clois
person on fanpop I dont know- Lila856
color- green (light and neon-ish)
school suject- science or art (if it counts)

I have fears of spiders! Everytime I see one, I am really afriad. But I ipakita no fear for my little sister Joanna. Her username is Cuteybear25 and I pag-ibig her soo much! She makes me relize how good of a life im living! Shes my insperation!

Lets see... What else can I say!
Oh yah! Hobbies!
I pag-ibig to take pictures. Almost all the pics in my pro were taken sa pamamagitan ng me! lol.

Now lets talk about Lila856... I can say although I really dont know her. Shes my fav Fanpop member that I dont know in real life. Shes pretty, nice, funny, and shes a really good person to talk to.
I just want to say, Thanks for being there Lila!

I totally pag-ibig Aeropostale and Hollister!
Everyday Im either wearing Aero or Hco! You gotta pag-ibig it!

Well as I can see this is getting a tad bit long.. and there may be some spelling errors throughout this but oh well! So please dont mind them! nobodys perfect.

If you have any tanong please send a message or leave a comment! I will get back to you!

Loves ya!
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this was two years ago, mind you... I'd like to think I don't sound like that anymore. xDD I'm the narrator. The loudest voice. The obnoxious one. etc.
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